2023 Gitchi Gummi Get Together

It’s that time of year again!! This summer, the Duluth East Daredevils are happy to be hosting the Gitchi Gummi Get-Together on July 21-22, 2023!

This year we are thrilled to say that we will be hosting this event at the University of Minnesota Duluth! Since this is a two day event, there are options for on-campus housing and dining, to truly get the full experience of staying on campus. Sign-ups occur on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up quickly if your team is interested!

Along with the regular competition, we also are going to host team workshops so we can all learn from each other! If your team is interested in a specific workshop topic or would like to host one of these sessions, please indicate it on the registration form or contact us at [email protected].

Aside from the competition and information sessions, we’re also going to host fun activities. These will include the famous Mentor Match, games, team building exercises, and more! After all, we’re not justhere for robots, right?

And of course, no FIRST event can succeed without volunteers! We will have a sign up for volunteers as soon as we know our needs, so check back for more information later!

Detailed information and registration can be found on our website: https://daredevils2512.org/

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you there!


“The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee”
ahh goodness do I love me some Gordon Lightfoot.

I wish we weren’t taking the grandbabies on vacation to tahquamenon falls that weekend! I’d come volunteer fror the name alone1

Have fun! All the roboteers that get to go should be excited to be able to cmpete at an event with an ojibwe name. Very cool!

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It has recently come to my attention that we have recently lost our beloved Lightfoot… I would like to thank this post for giving me a reason to rmeember him and his work, even after he has left this plane…


It sounds like 6045 tentatively plans on going! This is one of my favorite off-season events and I’m excited to see it coming back in 2023.

Will there be any rule changes?


Stay tuned for a full rule change list, but right now we can say we’re planning on the Gitch’s traditional 30 seconds added to teleop.

This helps with the Gitch’s goal of allowing new drivers to polish their skills by giving them more time on the field.

(And it might be fun to see if we can manage a fully supercharged grid with that extra time :slight_smile: )

Hey guys, the Gitchi Gummi Get-Together is well underway. We currently have 7 teams signed up, being:
9257 Bots of Another Color
3134 The Accelerators
3275 The Regulators
5638 LQPV Robotics
4009 DNA
3206 Royal T Wrecks
6044 Circuit Breakers
If you would like to sign your team up, registration is open: https://forms.gle/jfkfPdtRzbgyMNP89

UMD has offered to provide low cost housing to teams attending the Gitch as follows:
Double Room: $21 per person per night
Single Room: $37 per person per night

The housing deadline is June 15th, so if you want housing from UMD sign up by then. Hotels in Duluth get quite expensive in July, so take advantage if you can.

For further inquiry, email [email protected]


@Ryan_Swanson sign up!


Is there an update to the team list for the event?
I know of a few other teams that were considering signing up. I’m willing to send out a few reminders.

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Your post here has the housing deadline as June 15, but your website says June 20. Which is correct?

5232 is tentatively planning on attending!


Hi! We moved the deadline back a bit so teams have a little bit more time to register! We would still prefer to know by the 15th, but the 20th is the new hard deadline. The later teams sign up though, the less time they have to fill out the housing information that UMD requires. I hope this helps!

Currently we have:
9257, 3134, 3275, 4009, 5638, 3206, 6044, 6045, 2129, 5232, and 5653!

Will 2512 be fielding a robot?

I believe 4674 is in too

Yes, we will.

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3 weeks left! Our current roster:

Gitch teams:
Our final deadline for housing applications has passed and we’re trying to finish the last details. If your team has yet to fill out a housing sheet (shared with the contact emails given at registration,) we need that information as soon as possible so we can forward it to UMD. We’ve sent more detailed reminders to contact emails but we’ve heard that at least one coach had it end up in spam.

UMD wants a roster from every participating team for safety reasons, so even if you aren’t using UMD’s housing please check emails for what details we need from you.

Finally, we still have slots open! Registration is still available at the link further up in the thread.

We can’t wait to see everyone in Duluth!


6045 is looking forward to this event! Is there any updates on rule changes besides for the additional 30 seconds of tele-op? Mainly concerned about interpicking among alliance captains

No rule changes other than our customary additional 30 seconds of teleop and 5 pounds added to the weight limit.

We do plan to allow interpicking of alliance captains at the Gitch this year. 4 alliances of 3 teams, double elimination bracket.

We’re excited to see 6045 and everyone else in Duluth in just a few days! We’re expecting 16 teams including the Daredevils, which will make for some fast turnaround times between matches, but we’ll be incorporating breaks into the schedule every few rounds so teams can make updates or repairs if needed.


Will this event be streamed?

Echoing this question… 6045 would be more than happy to help manage a stream! We would just need access to a wired internet connection to pull it off!