2023 Guide to Watching the "Charged Up" Game

This is a guide that explains the basic flow of the FIRST “Charged Up” Robotics Game to a VIP, family member or visitor who is new to the program. It suggests what to watch on the field and tells why robots are doing what they are doing. Scoring is explained with examples and predictions.
Please feel free to copy this, print it, forward it, or whatever you wish to do to help our visitors better enjoy their experience. Attached are 2 formats: Microsoft Word & .pdf .
How to Watch 2023 Charged Up 10Mar23.docx (136.5 KB)
How to Watch 2023 Charged Up 10Mar23.pdf (624.6 KB)


This looks cool, but I don’t think casual viewers would necessarily want/like to read 4 pages of block text. Making it more concise and adding pictures would help.


Nice work @ThunderChief !

I agree with @Knight421 that adding pictures would make your guide even better.

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I did one of these in 2018 for my team to hand out. The best thing I can suggest is to try and condense it down to one page - casual viewers just need to know the basics to understand the game.

This is absolutely awesome as a comprehensive guide though - you couldn’t ask for much more, and this gives you about as much info as you could get without reading the rulebook.

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