2023 Hopper Division

2023 Hopper Division

Number Name From
68 Truck Town Thunder Ortonville, Michigan
107 Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S. Holland, Michigan
190 Gompei and the H.E.R.D. Worcester, Massachusetts
201 The FEDS Rochester, Michigan
226 Hammerheads Troy, Michigan
245 Adambots Rochester Hills, Michigan
341 Miss Daisy Ambler, Pennsylvania
353 POBots Plainview, New York
365 Miracle Workerz Wilmington, Delaware
488 Team XBOT Seattle, Washington
498 The Cobra Commanders Glendale, Arizona
573 Mech Warriors Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
610 Crescent Coyotes Toronto, Ontario
696 Circuit Breakers Glendale, California
772 Sabre Bytes Robotics LaSalle, Ontario
876 Thunder Robotics Hatton-Northwood, North Dakota
999 MechaRAMS Cheshire, Connecticut
1311 Kell Robotics Kennesaw, Georgia
1323 MadTown Robotics Madera, California
1706 Ratchet Rockers Wentzville, Missouri
1727 REX Lutherville Timonium, Maryland
1792 Round Table Robotics Oak Creek, Wisconsin
1796 RoboTigers Queens, New York
1799 Wired-Up! Littleton, Colorado
1807 Redbird Robotics Allentown, New Jersey
1986 Team Titanium Lees Summit, Missouri
1987 Broncobots Lees Summit, Missouri
2046 Bear Metal Maple Valley, Washington
2052 KnightKrawler New Brighton, Minnesota
2096 RoboActive Dimona, HaDarom
2169 KING TeC Savage, Minnesota
2338 Gear It Forward Oswego, Illinois
2341 Sprockets Shawnee, Oklahoma
2481 Roboteers Tremont, Illinois
2495 Hive Mind Hamilton, New Jersey
2609 BeaverworX Guelph, Ontario
2718 Team OKC e’possums (Σ 1/n! x 10^3) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2930 Sonic Squirrels Snohomish, Washington
3019 Firebirds Scottsdale, Arizona
3189 Circuit Breakers Placerville, California
3357 COMETS Grand Rapids, Michigan
3636 Generals Portland, Oregon
3654 TechTigers Middletown, Connecticut
4096 Ctrl-Z Champaign, Illinois
4135 Iron Patriots Modesto, California
4213 MetalCow Robotics Bloomington, Illinois
4265 Secret City Wildbots Oak Ridge, Tennessee
4336 Ramageddon Robotics Lafayette, Louisiana
4391 BraveBots Gladstone, Michigan
4400 Cerbotics - Peñoles TORREON, Coahuila
4414 HighTide Ventura, California
4450 Olympia Robotics Federation Olympia, Washington
4682 CyBears Seattle, Washington
4930 Electric Mayhem Buffalo, New York
5123 Mechadogs Yonkers, New York
5587 Titan Robotics Alexandria, Virginia
5648 Melbourne RoboCats SANDRINGHAM, Victoria
5667 The Digital Eagles New Albany, Ohio
5675 WiredCats Mattawan, Michigan
5816 Gra-V Robotics Winter Garden, Florida
6024 R Factor Mumbai, Maharashtra
6357 The Spring Konstant Dripping Springs, Texas
6429 4th Dimension BORNOVA, Izmir
6517 So-Kno Robo Knoxville, Tennessee
6721 Tindley Trailblazers Indianapolis, Indiana
6832 STEAMex Santa Catarina, Nuevo León
7407 Wired Boars Wallingford, Connecticut
7457 suPURDUEper Robotics Indianapolis, Indiana
8019 Patriot Engineering Mission, Texas
8736 The Mechanisms Marietta, Georgia
9071 SlicerTech La Porte, Indiana
9082 No Limit Pleasant Valley, Iowa
9118 Pb-ers Laguna - Peñoles Torreon, Coahuila
9182 Tech Tr1be New Boston, Michigan
9202 Silicon Valley Technos San Jose, California
9260 Built4Bibb Robotics Macon, Georgia

If anyone is interested, FRC 1676 created a public pre-scouting database for the 2023 FRC World Championship, available here:


@R.C and @jjsessa popping off right now


There are a lot of really good teams in this division. The battle for ranks 2 through 8 is going to be tough.


Mad Tide? High Town? :thinking:


Miss Tide? Mad Daisy? All names to think about :laughing:


Lets suPURDUEper charge some nodes in Hopper!!!


Psyched for this division. Looking forward to playing with everyone!


Team 1987 Broncobots is excited to be competing on Hopper this year. Excited to see some familiar faces from last year on Roebling.


Hopper Scouting

Hey everyone. Hopefully, y’all are stoked to be competing in Hopper this year!

Since 4414 is pretty small, we work with other teams to scout events. I just wanted to see if any teams were interested in working with us at champs.

We have a robust, feature-rich scouting system that includes apps for both data input and data visualization. By joining what we call the “TideScout Alliance”, you will receive access to both apps, as well as real-time raw and average data google sheets.

If this is something your team is interested in, feel free to send me a DM.



Thx for the reminder to fix ScoutLess with the funky division codes


I made one of these for Daly, so I decided to make one for each division. Using data from the public pre-scouting database…


1706 can’t wait to rock it with all the teams on hopper this year. Some familiar faces and many teams we haven’t had the pleasure of playing with much, going to be a lot of fun no matter how it all shakes out. Safe travels to all!


2052 KnightKrawler is extremely excited to be on this division. It’s looking like it will be pretty tight at the top with a lot of great teams competing. Best of luck to everyone!


Hopper Division pits map


Hey there! Our team is definitely interested in collaborating with you all for scouting.

Is this the official pit map or will there be an updated one, 4213 does not show up in the hopper pit map but it shows us in Archimedes?

I see your pit in Hopper in location L31

Hopper Practice Match Schedule

Aren’t practice matches scheduled 5-7 per the app?

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That’s where I am a bit confused, my thought is either its off an hour, or even though it says displayed in CST, its actually showing is EST because HQ is in EST?