2023 Inspection Checklist

The 2023 Inspection Checklist is now available here:

Please use it as your “cheat sheet” for inspections and go through it with your own team before you get to your first event so you know you will zip through your inspection with no surprises.

If anyone finds any typos or glaring errors on the checklist just let Al and I know and we will get them fixed.


Please read R104 carefully. The robot STARTING CONFIGURATION must not exceed 4 ft. 6 in. (48" + 6" = 54") tall.

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Got it, found it right after posting this on my third time through? Thanks.



The bumper number check in the checklist conflicts with the rule in the manual:


Good catch! Thanks. We will get it corrected.


Not an error, but a note that the frame isolation limit has gone down from 3kΩ to 120Ω. In the handful of cases where I have had to fail a robot under the old limit, I believe they would all have passed under the new one.


That was the hope. The intent is that using your chassis/frame/structure as a negative ground (like a vehicle) is NOT ok in FRC and against the rules. We lowered the frame isolation to 120ohms this year to help alleviate some of the frustrations finding those often difficult to find leaks that aren’t dead shorts. Typical culprits have been motors with carbon build up inside, sensors, etc. There are some sensors out there teams have used in the past that are made with conductive plastics so we have to be cognizant of those. We chose 120ohms to be as lenient as possible and hopefully speed up a few inspections trying to locate those issues and lower team’s frustration level. It in the rules this year as 120ohms (See R611 - blue box).


Great document for teams to use at home. Thanks for posting now.

No Risk of damage to Game Pieces” should be “No Risk of Damage to Game Pieces

The major section:
Pneumatic System using one on-board compressor (n/a for robots that do not use pneumatics)
is the only one with a requirement (subtly) embedded. Suggest for consistency:
Pneumatic System (n/a for robots that do not use pneumatics)

If you really want to retain the requirement there (I admit it would have helped my team) then
Pneumatic System requires one on-board compressor (n/a for robots that do not use pneumatics)

In that section clarify the compressor requirement:
____ Compressor - One and only one required on the robot. FRC Legal compressor (max 1.1 CFM flow rate) must be used.

If the intention is to point out compressors can’t be used elsewhere make that a separate check item.


Another small inconsistency, total inspected weight uses ≤ symbol while every other line uses <=.


Re: the first item on page 2…

While not explicitly stated in this checklist, my interpretation of R622 also allows for a min. 22AWG wire in a PDP slot with a breaker sized at 5A.

Assuming my interpretation is correct, I hope that this point not being explicitly stated in the checklist doesn’t cause much of a hang-up during inspection; My experience “going to the book” has been handled with varying levels of ease.

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