2023 IRI Stream is actually really good?

The IRI stream has some pretty decent commentary that seem mostly tailored for an outside audience, but is nonetheless pretty excellent and sounds very professional.

The announcer seems pretty knowledgeable (although he’s implying that penalties subtract from your score rather than add to your opponents), and the camera angles they’ve got are excellent. In addition, after each match they show some match highlights that really add to the experience.

What do you all think? I hope they can maintain this level of quality all day!


i really enjoy it as well, gives it the true sports feel :slight_smile:

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Sounds like the one and only Andy Baker on the microphone


very good quality. And I’m really glad it is on Youtube and not twitch.


I typically stay away from FRC streams like this as I like to just watch the matches and focus on the robots but my god, this is great commentary. Hats off to the IRI crew! LOVE the special guest segments.


Yeah this ISC commentator is incredible. I don’t know if their crew has any prior FRC knowledge/experience, but wow, they’ve clearly done their homework and have been really knowledgeable about the game and the competition so far. I also love the special guest segments.


Agreed, I am really enjoying the stream! Not sure how much of this is doable over the house feed, but seems like this could be a nice adder.

ISC has done the Indiana District Championship the las two years.

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Wish I had known this earlier so i could tune into some matches at work. I just assumed it was on twitch (blocked on the network) so didn’t even bother checking.

Thanks for this feedback!

Here is a tentative lineup of color commentary talent:

Friday Color commentary
10:00 Opening ceremony
10:30 Andy Baker, 45, AndyMark
11:30 Earl Scime, 2614
12:30 Mica Caddick, 3940
30 min lunch
2:00 Libby Kamen, 1923
3:00 Landon Haugh, 2468
4:00 Jim Zondag, 33
5:00 George Tan, 2468
6:00 Nick Matthes, 33
Saturday Talent
8:30 Norman Morgan, 2468
9:30 Marjie Jenkins, 469
10:30 Paco Guerra, 4635
11:30 Rachel Baker, alumni
alliance selection
2:00 tbd
3:00 tbd
4:00 tbd
5:30 End

I’m loving this coverage. Great job!


I agree - great content. Thanks to those involved!

where is my invite? :slight_smile

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It is really interesting hearing each talk, even if you weren’t following the matches. Way to make this happen.


They are doing a great job with this event. Better than regular events but I’m still partial to Robotics Game Day, the only thing is they only do playoffs and not the entire event


Stream is great.

Would be better if they could flip the Red & Blue scoring graphic to match the field layout.


If anyone managing the event or who knows someone who is sees this, there’s currently an echo in the commentary on stream.

I felt the same way.


The commentator on the ISC Sports YouTube and the Indiana FIRST stream was really good. Idk just felt like I wanted to give some credit where it was due…


Definitely a fan of the ISC coverage of Indiana events the past few years. Not only is the coverage excellent, but having exposure on many local cable TV providers is wonderful (I know this was true for FIN state champs, not sure about IRI). They have done a great job of making coverage understandable for someone with no FRC knowledge while still providing a broadcast enjoyed by the FRC veterans. I love the replays, the behind the glass views of the teams preparing, and most of all the guest commentators who rotate in throughout the day. The combination of a professional comentator with limited robotics knowledge and an experienced FRC mentor leads to good commentary for everyone. Thanks to everyone who put in the work to make this happen!