2023 LabView Custom Dashboard

Hi there!

My FRC Team is wanting to make a custom dashboard to well, put custom data values onto it for improved ease of use for the drivers. I have installed LabView and all the correct components via the NI Package Manager, but when I go to create a new project, I can’t find an FRC dashboard template.

Does anyone know how to access that, or would they be able to make a blank one and download it’s .vi/.viproj file and send it over?

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When you launch LabVIEW, you should get this:

Click on FRC Dashboard Project and that will generate the custom dashboard project.

How do I get to that, when I open LabView I just get this

It sounds like you haven’t installed the frc game tools

That screenshot was from my PC at home, but on one of the programming laptops it showed the same thing, even with FRC Game Tools installed

It seems as if you were right, thank you!

Then the Game Tools didn’t install properly.

Just uninstall the Game Tools and reinstall them again.
There is a new version of the Game Tools in any case here:

If you install the game tools with Labview open, i find that it doesn’t always install correctly. Make sure Labview is completely closed when doing the install.

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