2023 Newton Division

I believe FIRST just hung them to dry without a division until today

ah ok

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Newton Practice Match Schedule

Newton Match Schedule is Live

One of the highest scoring matches on Newton

Newton Qual Match 91 , 195 , 4143 and 4909 almost complete a full grid for 201 points

Teams Score
4909 195 4143 201
3478 8717 9126 119


It was great competing with all of you!
Anyone has pick lists or scouting data to share? We want to see why we weren’t selected and how far we were from being selected

I can’t speak to the final pick lists as I wasn’t part of that scouting data, but looking at the averages pieces scored you guys were slightly out of contention at around 6 pieces a match. I believe 7 was around the top 32 mark.

Makes sense, thanks for sharing, is this including auton or without?

That’s with auton.

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