2023 None Division

Continuing from last year is the secret 9th division that FIRST never told you about, the None Division!

Team Name Location Division
401 Copperhead Robotics Blacksburg, VA None
1339 AngelBotics Denver, CO None
1745 The P-51 Mustangs Richardson, TX None
3035 Droid Rage Corpus Christi, TX None
4191 IMC Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey None
4592 M3 Mighty Mechanical Mustangs Hollywood, FL None
5526 Type C - Peñoles TORREON, Coahuila, Mexico None
7534 Dragonflies Fort Worth, TX None
8871 Saber Dynamics Ewa Beach, HI None
9083 Team Inertia Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey None
9135 STEAMSur Paramaribo, Paramaribo, Suriname None

I’ll personally be watching 401 and 1339 very closely


Couch division is back! https://youtu.be/dJmKgF3NPBo

So are these teams just in limbo in case a team drops?


We’re very excited to be competing with 1339 and everyone else in the None division! We’ve been doing some work on out auto routines and have a flat side four piece:

And a bump side three piece:


These autos look fantastic! Are you guys using vision to update the position of the robot after coming over the bump each time, or is that all just path planning?

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The None Division is so hot right now.


New take: The none division wins einstein.


Are they really in the none division or are they just under aliases in the CIA division?


1745 can neither confirm nor deny, Im not at liberty to discuss this.


We have also been prepping a bump-side 3 and a smooth-side 3, along with practicing some Charge Station toss-over cycles. Pretty sure at this rate, with 401 doing the 4 and us with 3, the None Division is the place to be.

1339 Smooth-Side 3

1339 Bump-Side 3

1339 Short Cycles


We do use vision, there are four OV9281 Arducams connected to a Beelink running Photonvision. You can see them on the camera poles here:


None Division >>> Archimedies Division


I just spoke with HQ, the None Division will remain as such until an unspecified time on Monday. Rip pre-scouting!


What exactly is the hold up with these teams? Teams like 1339 have been registered for weeks.

The lack of the weekend for pre-scouting is brutal. If anyone ends up in Hopper and wants help pre-scouting, let me know and I can send the data I’ve collected to that point.


How do you connect the CSI cameras to the PC?

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Ah sorry, linked the wrong one. We’re using the USB version. Fixed the link.


So sad 1254 couldn’t make it to Champs this year, that 6 cube auto was insane.


Same goes for us with respect to Daly division; can’t imagine having division assignment held hostage for a whole 4 days across a weekend compared to the rest of the field. Reach out via PM and would be happy to share what we have.

My best guess as to why, is that we were waiting for funding from one of our sponsors to come in. We had written assurances from the sponsor and had shared those with HQ, amd were told it was all good. I even spoke with someone at HQ two days ago and thought from that conversation that everything was fine. I got notification that the sponsor had deposited the funds yesterday at 2:00, within a few seconds I saw that the divisions were being posted, and then (when we weren’t listedin any division) I called HQ again at 2:15 Mountain Time to see what happened. I was told I was being transferred to speak with The Right Person and ended up on hold in the starting queue rather than transferred. I waited on hold until 3:00 (5:00 Eastern) when the system booted me out since the office was now closed for the day.

I’ll take the blame on this one I guess.



As the team lead for 8871, at least for us, it was funding delay. Our payment was in bureaucratic limbo and I assume that resulted in us being assigned here. Hopefully that has been resolved now and i can breath a sigh of relief.

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Hi, I’m a team member of team 5526 and I have to announce that sadly we won’t be able to compete in the none division, we have just spoke with HQ and the told us that we are going to compete in Hopper Division.

Hope to see you at champs, good luck.

*Note: they told us that the frc-events page will not reflect the assignment until early next week.