2023 Ohio State Championship (formerly WOW) Megathread

Hello everyone!

Use this thread to discuss the Ohio State Championship, from May 5 to 6.


Is there a way to volunteer?


Excited to see the state champs back!


Uh oh @Travis_Hoffman


LOL this is actually just for Ohio teams and therefore not technically “formerly WOW”, but you can consider this event being Ohio-only to be a consequence of WOW-ist-verboten.

One might think that Ohio will start to focus on Ohio-specific things pointed towards development of a (very??) future district.

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For any interested in volunteering, please email your interest to Andy Yantes at

ayantes [AT] firstinspires [DOT] org.


According to the website:

The Ohio State FRC Championship (formerly the WOW championship) is back!

I don’t doubt there will be an Ohio district eventually, because the number of teams keeps going up. I figured I’d put it in just in case teams haven’t gotten the memo about it yet.

On the anticipated subject of the rankings and who was invited, all I can say is - Team 48 was invited. We received the invite email last night. No rankings were provided, although I was told earlier they would be calculated much in the same way they were calculated for prior events. That’s all I know.



Hey, so were we! The BearBots look forward to playing with you and your team!


Glad to see it back! We thought it was not happening this year until we got the email a couple days ago. Are we close to enough teams again after COVID to finally establish a district?

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Considering we have like 1 less team than Indiana…possibly…but team count isn’t the limiting factor for a district in Ohio.

Now, considering Indiana regularly laments not having enough spots for their teams to qualify for the Championship, I’d say, no, we don’t have enough teams yet. :slight_smile:

Ohio has 12 teams competing at Houston via the regional model, and a BUNCH of other good teams who did an exemplary job of eating their own to keep each other away from wildcards and such.

Indiana has 11 teams competing at Houston via the district model, and one of those got in off the ordinary waitlist.

From that standpoint, I’ll take my chances with the regional model right now. Y’all may like the cost structure of districts, but the effort needed to get from here to there is going to be great.

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Team rankings were published. The first 24 were invited. Invites will be extended to 25 and beyond if there are any declines. I’d imagine there will be at least a few.

Team     Rank
695       1
4028      2
325       3
3201      4
1787      5
48        6
2252      7
4611      8
6181      9
7460      10
1038      11
144       12
2399      13
7165      14
2603      15
9075      16
5667      17
9097      18
379       19
6964      20
5413      21
4145      22
8222      23
3193      24
120       25
9194      26
1317      27
8713      28
8718      29
5811      30
6936      31
4121      32
2172      33
3777      34
6032      35
4269      36
128       37
4085      38
3484      39
9139      40
677       41
3324      42
8243      43
451       44
2632      45
8037      46
1308      47
2010      48
4601      49
7885      50
8140      51
1014      52
6916      53
6834      54
8145      55

(I’m still impressed our team made it to twentieth!)

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Might think about replacing the home page pic though.

Its a state-up-north Ref next to a state-up-north team from the Champs held in that state-up-north :rofl:


Does anyone know if the event will be live streamed and if so where ?

And will it be regular season charged up rules or super charged up?

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Happen to have an updated teamlist or know of any declines from the first 24?

This is all I know.

At least 17 teams have accepted. This is enough to hold the event, per the FTA.

The pursuit of a full field of 24 teams has been a struggle. It’s a short-notice affair - this is unsurprising to me. It’s cool to have an event at all.

48 has accepted. 379 has declined. Invites were being extended to at least the 29th spot.

Any other Ohio teams who wish to confirm their participation or their decline of invite, feel free to do so here.

If we receive an updated full team list, I will share it here.


2399 will not be able to attend, due in large part to the fact that the event is right in the middle of AP testing. For us, the State Championship would be more accessible if it was held at the end of May like it was pre-pandemic.

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2252 will be there


3201 is attending!