2023 Radio Firmware

New radio would not load firmware. Fix was to set computer IP address to, → have radio network connected → start Firmware load → power on the radio.

Had to use Wireshark to find that IP. Our sister team had the same issues with the same fix.

Brian Hartman
Team 1684

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I am still having issues. Tried the IP you specified with /24 subnet mask. The radio power light eventually starts to blink. Recycle the power, the firmware utility times out. Tied repeatedly.

I have tried powering the radio from an adapter and POE. Tried different Ethernet cables and even a different computer. The wireless NIC is disabled and firewall is off.

Any ideas

Are you following this procedure? FWIW, it doesn’t sound as though power is your problem. Make sure you are using the Ethernet port nearest the power connector…

I don’t think it is power. As I mentioned I have tried to power it via POE and directly from an power adapter. I am closely following the published procedure.

The utility should be messing with the IP address, etc. of the network interface it is using. If you have more than one of these, at least unplug the others. There’s a menu of network interfaces that comes up when you first launch this program. Be sure you choose the network interface where the radio is/will be plugged in.

It would help to send a couple of screenshots – the list of network interfaces that comes up in that list of choices, the messages it is producing up to and including the error, and anything else that seems unusual or has a lot of information in it.

The only option is ethernet. Wireless adapter is disabled. The radio is the only thing connected. If I do an arp -a is see the radio has a address .

Thanks. It seems as though you’ve covered the obvious things, but remote debugging can be tough. Any additional information you provide may help someone help you. Wireshark might provide some insight, but that’s probably the long way around. The arp info is helpful, but this just means the radio is probably running non-FRC F/W (but is at least partially working). Be sure you have the current version of the radio tool, just to cover another obvious thing I’ve seen come up.

I am running the 2023 tool.
I am able to update and program our older radios without issue so I am wondering if it is the unit itself. At this point I am going to use one of the old radios.
I appreciate the help. Thank you.

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I had a lot of issues with java version and radio config tool. I ended up reformatting windows and only install the java which WPI Lib install wants, which also works for the Radio Config Tool.

Not always an option but you could try another laptop?

I’m not our teams networking guru but I’ve heard and seen on CD some threads about needing updates for WinPcap or NPCAP (I don’t know what I’m talking about so search for those terms). Our PCs varied as to version numbers with some needing updates for the new radios (- AC). Also, I think there is a functioning factory reset hole on the back of the new radios).

On my computer, I never saw NIC attempt to talk on until I set it manually. I was not using POE 12v power, So I was able to leave the network cable plugged in when the tool started the firmware load.

I believe this has been updated as part of the image, and so should no longer be necessary, but this was a thing in the past for sure.

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