2023 Regional List

For those of you regional types patiently waiting for the regional dates to be released, the list of events jumped from 17 to 40+.

Biggest takeaway for teams in my neck of the woods - Pittsburgh is actually IN Pittsburgh this year!


Don’t bother with team and event search, unless you need to search in a region. The frc-events site is easier to navigate and you can filter down to only regionals.




Truth be told, the team and event search is also searchable by keyword, and the link above includes a keyword search on “regional”.


Pittsburgh is falling into the same territory as MSC so I will have to pass this year on the event. I need more week one options. Week four in Colorado sounds intriguing.


I don’t want to share anything that isn’t finalized yet, but I think it’s fair to say that at least one of the following should fall week one

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California is usually not an option for me at all. I live nearly on the opposite coast and have to dedicate a whole day just to fly there and another to fly back.

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Please do go to CO Regional! It’s a lot of fun and I’ll see you there.


I do have more flexibility with my vacation time this upcoming season because of the new contract we got over the summer and with one less week of competition so it’s possible. California is even possible week one.

Cool, maybe I’ll see you at both CO and a CA Week 1… and Houston.

Good to see dates get finalized for half of California events. Been some movement between which week events are scheduled (for those listed) so guessing the remaining events are going to be switching around as well.

Fingers crossed Los Angeles and Orange County are NOT back to back. :expressionless:

frc-events site has been updated with the current events list showing preliminary capacity numbers (note many events keep spots “in reserve” so capacity reflected is likely not final).


Less than 9 days until the first round registrations open and we still have only 43 regionals listed. We are still missing almost all of southern California. This is significantly later than previous seasons. Does anyone know what’s cooking? With such a short window to select an event, this is definitely starting to impact teams’ ability to discuss and plan options. Harumpf.

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Cooking is precisely what’s happening – or baking, if you want to be precise. They’re all in the oven but the chocolate chip cookies are taking longer than expected to finish, the snickerdoodles got burnt and had to start over, the oatmeal raisin are done but there’s no plate to put them on, and the white chocolate macadamia nut are all done, but nobody wants to serve those until they can be served together with the chocolate chips.

In all seriousness, the events generally don’t go online until a venue contract is signed and sometimes most details are figured out, but one or two pesky points delay this process. And, to the point of the white choco mac nut, there may be some dominos that fall leading to a delay. Say event X is set but event Y is still working on dates, once event Y’s dates get locked, event X may be forced to move dates.

I don’t have data, but I remember anecdotally waiting until just a couple days before registration opened until we had a clear picture historically. It’s just the reality. I can only speak to a couple of the events that aren’t yet live, but I know that venue contracts have been in talks pretty much since the 2022 events, so it’s not like this is the result of waiting until the last minute. Sometimes stuff is just more fluid than one would hope.

On the bright side, from what I’ve heard, I don’t anticipate any major surprises on overall event slots or capacities and most of what’s still being worked out is a when/where discussion.


Thanks for the update Jared. Dang now I’m hungry. But I still want my cookies!


At least where I live, FRC season competes with professional basketball season, and the basketball guys don’t release their schedule until like August, so that leaves a very compressed period to figure it out with venues - depending on which venues you try to work with. And then as Jared mentioned, Event Y gets dates, then event X needs the same dates, so you have to move Event Y, and Event Z is just like… guys, guys, come on now, give me dates!!! but you haven’t even touched Event Z yet because Y and X are more troublesome / harder to schedule, etc. You have to make sure the field can get to your events, etc.

For me we had thought we had event Y figured out, it was our one solid point for the season, then Event X was like, Nah-Ahhhhhhh so now event X is the only shown event, and Y and Z are still being worked out.

Anyone have any insights on Western Canada events? None posted so far. We also dont know about Hawaii also.


Florida currently only has 1 of it’s previous 3 regionals on the list.

With Orlando already being a popular first choice for out of state teams and it’s current (and theoretical max) capacity being less than the team count of Florida this could be an interesting first round of registration.

Orlando is week 3 as opposed to week 2 this year that may be the cause to the delay in Tallahassee being posted (that was Tallahassee’s week last year). However South Florida has always been either a Week 1 or Week 5/6 so it shouldn’t really care about what the other events are doing. It is possible both Tallahassee and South Florida are gunning for the same week however the team and volunteer crossover between those events was not very large so while not ideal both events could happen at the same time and not cause any headaches within the state.

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This is like a Dave Laverly game hint, now we have to map the cookie types to the SoCal event to figure out the status of each one…


I spoke with and heard of several volunteers at Tallahassee who worked both South Florida and Orlando. While they weren’t great in number, they tended to be in key or lead roles.

:point_down: Yes, that too!

I heard the same thing, but also heard a large sentiment to try and avoid 3 weeks in a row in the future. I can only imagine how difficult it is to recruit volunteers, especially key volunteers, 3 back to back weeks.

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