2023 Scouting Analysis Spreadsheet from 2194 Fondy Fire

Team 2194 is happy to share our Scouting Analysis Spreadsheet. We’ve been using this format for many years, and it has helped us analyze scouting data to make decisions for match strategy and making pick lists.

This year we’ve formatted it to work with PWNAGE ScoutingPASS, but it could work with any system if you format your data to work with our “Match Input” Tab. There are many macros, so you’ll need to enable macros to use the file. There’s an instruction tab that should (hopefully) explain everything.

Here’s the link to the files in Google Drive.

The folder contains three files:
2194 Scouting Analysis
2194 Scouting Analysis – with sample data (the data is fictitious)
Create Match Schedule from TBA (this file helps copy/paste the match schedule into a format that works with our analysis spreadsheet)

Note that when you download the files, Windows might block the macros by making the file “untrusted”. If that happens, go to Windows File Explorer, right click on the file, click Properties, then at the Security section at the bottom of the General Tab, click the box to UNBLOCK the file.

Below are sample pictures of the output (the data is fictitious).


@kwebnhcd Thank you so much for posting this. There is so much information in the spreadsheet! We are trying it out in the hopes of using it for our regionals and pairing it with the PWNAGE scouting app. We did some practice with it yesterday, and had an issue: when inputting the information is the Match Input Sheet, the columns after comments (AI to BA) do not update or display any information. Our business team and I are novices with sheets & scouting and are not sure how to update this. Any help would be much appreciated!

When we run the Macro in the Best List tab, we get a Run-time error ‘438’ Object doesn’t support the property or method. When I run the debug, I can’t see what is wrong with the highlighted area. Any thoughts on what would be interfering?

Hi Katie,
Which tab isn’t updating? I’m happy to discuss this with you over the phone or zoom. I’ll send you a private message with my info.

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Brad, the Best List macro is very long. I’m not sure if the long length is making it time out. There are actually blank columns at the end that are part of the macro, so I could shorten it for you to see if that helps. On my computer it works fine, but perhaps a computer with less RAM might not work as well.

I’ll reach out to you by private message and give you my contact info. We could do a call or zoom to figure it out. The good news is that the Best list tab is totally separate from the rest of the spreadsheet so everything else should all still work fine.

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For any of you using the Fondy Fire Scouting Analysis Spreadsheet with PWNAGE ScoutingPASS app, I noticed PWNAGE added another column to their Pit Scouting section. They added Number of Batteries. I have updated the Fondy Fire Analysis Spreadsheet to incorporate this new column. Here’s the link to the Updated Spreadsheets.


If you’re still using the original version, then here’s the link to the original files.

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Here’s an update to the file. PWNAGE made some revisions on github over the weekend, so we revised the Excel file to match their output. This is version 3 (updated 3/19/2023).


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Just wanted to thank 2194 for making this spreadsheet public. 3739 used it this weekend to make our picklist and do pre-match strategy, and it helped a ton!

This was the type of spreadsheet we were working to develop ourselves, but had limited experience with excel and macros to make it happen.

Brian, awesome to hear it helped you! It’s been a fun spreadsheet for us to develop over the years. It finally got to the point in which we could share it with others. And now that it’s formatted to fit with PWNAGE ScoutingPASS data, it can benefit even more teams! :smile:

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Thanks so much for making this available to all teams! We had a blast using it to look at data from our most recent regional, but I wanted to point out that the count for game pieces wasn’t working.

Is the change described in the post I’m replying to have to do with this? Looking forward to using it again next week.

It seems the issue might be on the PWNAGE side of things, because upon import these values are not present.

We’ve re-setup the repo for scouting a few times. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad the analysis spreadsheet worked for you. The recent update to the analysis spreadsheet was to incorporate changes PWNAGE made to their ScoutingPASS app (they added some additional fields).

The issue you are having is not related to this. From the second image you posted (PWNAGE’s Excel Skeleton file), it appears the Excel Skeleton spreadsheet didn’t calculate those fields properly. The same thing happened to me a few times when I was testing it. I noticed that the “Match Scouting Data” tab acted differently depending on how I removed the row of sample data in the original file (row 2). To remove the row of sample data, I initially highlighted the data and hit the delete key. By that, I mean, I didn’t actually delete the row, but instead just deleted the data in that row. When I ran the macro, some columns were blank (same ones you show as blank). I then downloaded the file again to start over. This time, I deleted the entire row of sample data and ran the macro. It then ran just fine. You might want to try that.

That’s my limited experience with it, but if that doesn’t solve it, you might want to respond to PWNAGE’s thread. They have been very responsive to my questions and extremely helpful.


I just wanted to thank Fondy for sharing this spreadsheet! Since it paired so well with ScoutingPASS we used it this last weekend to aid us with constructing a pick list.

It was so easy to use and presented the information in such a clear way it made it trivial to create (and rearrange :crazy_face:) our pick list.

I highly recommend this resource for any scouting team, especially if you’re pairing it with ScoutingPASS!


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