2023 Software Download Links

At least for me it takes a little to long to find all the download links on sites like ctre, rev, wpilib, etc…

So I took some time to compile a list for you… These links take you directly to where the download button is.

FRC Game Tools FRC Game Tools Download
Radio Configuration Tool Offline Installation Preparation — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

WPILIB Installer Release WPILib 2023.1.1 Release · wpilibsuite/allwpilib · GitHub

CTRE Phoenix Download Software

REV Hardware Client REV Hardware Client Overview - REV Hardware Client
REV API Downloads REVLib Information - SPARK MAX


This is super helpful.

Something else that may help someone: we keep our vendordeps as a Git submodule, and these are the most up to date version of the following libraries:

NAME                | FILENAME                  | VERSION
NavX                | NavX.json                 | 2023.0.0
Path Planner        | PathplannerLib.json       | 2023.2.2
CTRE Phoenix        | Phoenix.json              | 5.30.2
Photon Vision       | photonlib.json            | v2023.1.1-beta-8
Rev Sparkmax        | REVLib.json               | 2023.0.0
WPI Commands        | WPILibNewCommands.json    | 1.0.0

Thank you! Where did you get the NavX vendordep? For the time being I just copied your json file for it but I couldn’t seem to find it online and people said to just wait for a release tmrrw.

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That’s a beta one. In fact, most of those are beta ones. Please wait for the actual kickoff release.

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Sounds good. Thank you, I checked the github and it said added some 38 minutes ago or so so I thought something new might have came up.

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Got it from @Ryan_Blue 's repo.

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Just FYI- that repo is an unofficial version, and I hadn’t intended on announcing the 2023 release until Monday-ish, if Studica hadn’t published an official version.

Disclaimer: I’m not guaranteeing support for any issues anyone has with that repo, use at your own risk type situation. Feel free to create issues on that repo and I’ll address them if I can. That said, not much has been altered from the 2022 Kauai Labs release.

The latest REVLib is 2023.1.1.