2023 SPAMalytics Scouting System V1.0 release

Continuing the discussion from 2023 FRC Team 180 SPAMalytics Scouting System v0.0:

V1.0 release…This is an optional release that reduces the amount of data to be collected. Based on Week 1 experience, the following scouting data was removed: Game Piece Preload, Game Piece Acquisition, Game Piece Dropped (both Autonomous and Teleop), and Defense Encountered. The game piece data was found to be problematic with too many judgement calls. The Effective Score Coefficients for scoring game pieces were adjusted to compensate for their removal. The Defense Encountered was also very hard to judge since there is so much traffic through the center of the field. You are welcome to continue to use the v0.0 release as there are no significant functional changes in v1.0. As an additional note, if you are using this system in your scouting please let us know.
2023_Scouting_Database_v1.0.xls (5.8 MB)
Scouting_Sheet_v1.0.pdf (528.5 KB)
Thursday_Scouting_v1.0.pdf (288.1 KB)

Team Update came out with a change to the way the alliances for Round 4 Match 12 get assigned. Here is a quick fix for the few teams who might be using the Elimination round section of the spreadsheet.
2023_Scouting_Database_v1.1.xls (5.9 MB)