2023 Spectrum FIRST Choice & Voucher Recommendations

The FRC Season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing. The priority list window for FIRST Choice round 1 has started, and every team should have their lists submitted by Dec 1st.

Spectrum has prepared a few documents that can help you set up your Priority list and use your Virtual Kit of Parts Vouchers.

1. 2023 FIRST Choice & Voucher Recommendations Guide

This guide has recommendations for your priority list and how to use each voucher. This should be the starting point.

2. 2023 Spectrum recommended FIRST Choice Items

We believe these items will help the majority of FRC teams and explain some of our reasons and how you can use the items. There are lots of FIRST Choice items, and some of the ones not listed on our list may be perfect for your team, so be sure to look through the entire list.

3. 2023 Voucher Sample Checklist

New for this year, we have created a Voucher Checklist Template. Thank you to FRC#1745 for the suggestion. Make a copy of this google spreadsheet so you can check off when you use your voucher codes and keep them in an easy-to-access location.


thank you guys so much for all of the wonderful resources and help!


These lists always serve as the starting point for our annual 1745 “first choice enthusiastic discussion”.

Why argue with family over politics at Thanksgiving when you can argue with mentors and students over the clearly S tier bumpons.

Thank you for putting them together each year.


Does everyone else have DigiKey and TE Connectivity vouchers this year? Cause we do not.

Check out the KoP website: Kit of Parts | FIRST

Some things are listed there that do no show up in the voucher list in your dashboard. Both the digikey ($50) and TE ($25) are listed with the links to do that.


Ah ha! There it is!

Glad I asked, cause I never would’ve looked at that. Thanks a bunch!

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They all should be linked in the guide as well.


FIRST Extended the Deadline

Round 1 of FIRST ® Choice opened today Thursday, November 17, at Noon Eastern Time and closes Thursday, December 1 Friday, December 2 at 4pm Eastern. The lead mentor 1 or 2 from a secured or event registered team may peruse FIRST Choice, populate Priority Lists, and prioritize items for Round 1 (but orders are only processed for teams that have secured registration payment by Noon ET on December 1, 2022 4pm ET on December 2, 2022).

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