2023 version not connecting to roboRIO


We are having some trouble connecting to Phoenix Tuner with the latest version of roboRIO Image on it. The actual problem is that, we updated the roboRIO to the latest version, but when we try connecting to Phoenix Tuner, the talon’s are not showing and there is communication between the roboRIO and the robot, but the Phoenix Tuner doesn’t connect. Is this a version support issue, meaning 2023 Image is not supported to Phoenix Tuner?

*We have updated all of our tools to the current supporting version, but still we are not able to connect to Phoenix Tuner.

Hey, are you guys using the RoboRio 2 or 1? We also had an issue like this and we found that the roborio2 gets configured differently than the original. I would highly recommend if you are using the RoboRio2 that you double-check the configuration as that was our issue when we had that problem.

Imaging your roboRIO 2 — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation (wpilib.org)

As noted in the docs

Phoenix Diagnostics has become a library that is compiled into the FRC robot application. This is a result of the roboRIO CAN bus changes implemented by the NI for 2020. Tuner now communicates with “Phoenix Diagnostic Server” running in the deployed application via an HTTP API.

If the roboRIO does not have a deployed application, a temporary Diagnostic Server application can be deployed from Tuner. This is particularly useful during hardware-bringup.

Did you deploy a code project that includes the CTRE Phoenix vendor library? If not, try using the button that’s deploys a temporary diagnostic server.

We ran the Phoenix Diagnostic Server but still not working.

Can you communicate with the Rio in general? Does the FRC Driver Station show a connection with code all in green?

We’ve seen a similar issue. It seems to happen less frequently using the newer Phoenix Tuner X instead of the previous version, but still happens. Sometimes it gets fixed with a power cycle, sometimes not. Would love to hear if anyone has more concrete info on the problem. @ozrien

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That sounds like either the diag-server is not running in the RIO, or Tuner is not connecting to the right endpoint (wrong IP/Team number, mDNS not working, etc). Take a screenshot and sent to us at [email protected].

Some tips

  • you can confirm Phoenix Diagnostics Server is running since it prints to the console after startup
  • if you use USB on the RIO and select roboRIO-USB in Tuner, that rules out networking endpoint issues.
  • You didn’t mention if you are using Tuner X or Tuner v1. You could try to other version as an experiment. If the results are different, that’s a clue. I suspect the results will be the same but its worth confirming.

This sounds like something else. Is this because Tuner didn’t connect to the RIO (no green bar) or its connected and no devices? Can you send us the details at [email protected]?

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