2023 World Championship Public Pre-Scouting Database

In an effort to consolidate data and prevent the duplication of efforts, FRC Team 1676 has created the following Public Pre-Scouting Database for the 2023 FRC World Championship:

  • This Google Sheets file contains a separate tab for each of the 8 Divisions, with every Division’s tab containing a row for each team on that field.

  • Columns C through M are editable for teams to enter their own data, including robot size and weight, game piece capabilities, auto routines, and endgame assistance. Most columns include drop-down menus from which your desired input can be selected.

  • Columns N through W contain color-coded EPA Breakdown data gathered directly from Statbotics.

Feel free to use for yourself, and spread the word to others to help collect more data before next week’s 2023 World Championship!


Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed data so far! Special shout-outs to the individuals who added all the drive train types for all 8 divisions, as well as the Game Piece Capability and Game Piece Acquisition information for the Milstein Division!

The following teams were recently registered for the 2023 World Championship and have just been added to the database. Their EPA data will be entered as soon as Statbotics updates!


no problemo (i did drive train and human player station/ floor) on milstien

just updated 1745 data to the best of my ability

The EPA data from Statbotics has now been added for these nine teams. That is the last planned update to the database prior to the start of the 2023 FRC World Championship. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed, and best of luck this week!

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