2023 Worlds VOD?

Is there no video of Worlds on twitch?


The firstinspires Twitch channels do not retain VODs due to DMCA concerns.


Any black market for those?


I want to publically thank FIRST’s media team for uploading CMP match videos to YouTube (and linking them to the blue alliance) almost immediately after every match. Seriously, some times the video was up before the score was!

I’m sure that took a lot of prep work, but it was a great help to our strategy team. That’s to everyone involved!


I also found this amazing, was great to be able to go back right away and re watch a match… just wish I could relive the Einstein experience via Twitch


I have a copy of all 8 division streams and Einstein. Is there something I can clip out for you?


The process is automated with the FMS
And I’m assuming you were joking about the video being up before the score because the videos show the score


I’m pretty sure he means the video was available online before the score was. I’ve seen the same thing myself, particularly matches on TBA having a video available before the score shows up. The score has been shown in the arena at that point, of course, but there are delays in getting both the score and the video online.


I’d love to see Impact announced, the celebration after finals 2, and when the mascots were tossing the T-shirts (my buddy took a wipeout while jumping :joy:)


Through some GitHub tools, there are ways to rip the VOD off of Twitch before they are auto deleted. Obviously, I cannot endorse these for legal reasons and the whole “downloading things on your personal computer”, but I was able to find the Crowd-a-tron video which I found as super cool before Einsteins.


We would really appreciate it if you could clip our decline at Newton and our Industrial Design Award since we were not able to be there to hear it

The scores are uploaded from the FMS after the match results are displayed.

The videos are uploaded to Youtube from the webcast unit after the results are displayed and the content has been clipped based on start/stop/match result display times.

Since the external FIRST FRC API doesn’t provide notifications of events like “scores posted” or “video uploaded” I expect that TBI does a periodic check and that occasionally, the scheduled check for video returns a result before the scheduled check for scores does.

For the video to make it without the scores would require the FMS to lose internet without the webcast unit losing internet. Since both are almost always connected to the same switch from the venue if that has ever occurred it was likely because someone tripped over an ethernet cable.

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Thanks for recording. Can you DM me, I’m not able to message you.

I am also interested in a copy of the stream can you pm me as well.



Can you also DM me. I would love to get a copy of the Einstein finals VOD

If you could provide the video from opening ceremonies that would be amazing. We’re specifically looking for a clip of everyone wishing Dr. Murphy a happy birthday. We are currently unable to get the video from FIRST to send to him.

They released last year’s entire VOD on youtube on January 30th of this year: 2022 FIRST Championship - FIRST Robotics Competition Closing - YouTube

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Could you dm me newton/einstein as well?


@tchatow I’d (w/ 4096) love to get access to these recordings (especially Einstein). Thanks so much for proactively going ahead and recording everything.

I dunno how big your recordings are so here are public Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive links with a few hundred gigs of space each. They require login to upload so whatever is convenient.

Google Drive

Einstein Footage and Finals Footage is there now


Update: got a private server download link. Will download, remux, and rehost on one of the public links above. It’s gonna take a day or so because of the 530gb size. I’ll do Einstein first.