2023 Worlds VOD?

Can you please pm the stream from Einstein and Hopper? Thanks!

Not to inundate you with more requests, but is it possible to publicly upload the videos somewhere like a google drive or would that violate some sort of restriction on the video? Also if you can (please don’t worry if you’re not able to) can I get Daly and Einstein?


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Could you send me Hopper alliance selections?

I think @Vasista is in the process of doing that. See above in this thread.

About half the videos are still uploading, but will have all Alliance Selections and Awards. You will have to open the link in a new tab to see the playlist.


Have all of Einstein and just Einstein finals on the GDrive link

I have it on good authority that official VODs will be going up over the next few days.


I was also told “on good authority” that the Twitch vods would never be deleted.

Cant find anything from 2022 anymore…

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Twitch VODs and official VODs are different things. Everything that was broadcast was recorded locally in Houston. That has to be edited into manageable video sizes and uploaded once the machines that did the recording are powered back up after returning from Houston.

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The point was more i dont trust FIRST to actually save or upload any of it, given their track record.

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Community archivers-- Thank you so much for your work, it is so essential. We would not be able to tell our story without you.


Could you please DM me too? I would love to get a copy of the celebration after Einstein f2. Thanks for recording!

It’s only a few minutes of footage before they end the stream. Einstein_FINALS.mp4 - Google Drive

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Guess who has all the 2022 streams as well :slight_smile:


Hi, first off thank you so much for doing this, could I have Galileo Division Qual Match 6? There was a field fault, and I’m trying to look at the partial match before it was shut down and replayed. Thank you. If you could DM me I’d appreciate that

could you DM me the awards from Hopper, Milstein and Daly please

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It took them a while, but it does exist on youtube.

Edit: replied to the wrong post, meant to reply to this one:

Here you go!


Does anyone have a clip of the brief championship recap they showed at the beginning of the ending ceremony? I believe it was shown before they announced next year’s game names for FLL/FTC/FRC.

Are you sure this isn’t just a stream recording? I’m comparing this to a stream rip (GDrive) (Youtube Mirror of GDrive). There appears to be the same amount of compression artifacts - even in the no confetti parts.