2024 Champs Hopper Scouting Collaboration

FRC 3494 has been assigned to the Hopper division, and we are looking for teams interested in collaborating on scouting with us! We run the Indiana Scouting Alliance of 20 teams, unfortunately, none of whom are on our field. We can provide the scouting system and the app, as well as host the raw data, and even help you set up data analytics if needed. We just need bodies to help man our scouting positions! Please let us know if you’re interested!

To get an idea what data we’re gathering and what our app looks like, you can watch the training video here: https://youtu.be/OpuRjSI8sVg?feature=shared

This is the ISA at the Indiana State Championships. 11/12 of the Indiana teams attending champs are members of the ISA.


Hey! Team 88 is also on the Hopper division and would love to scout with you! We have our own analytics/app that we use, so we can compare the two applications. If you’d like to communicate outside of CD, I can provide an email or a discord.

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While I haven’t fully talked to my team (3006) but, I know we are very much so interested. We are a team from Utah bringing around 20 people to Worlds. We qualified from being the winning alliance captain of the Colorado regional. We are also in the hopper division and we have been wanting to be apart of a scouting alliance so this would be perfect! Please respond or dm with more details and how you would like us to contact you!


Hi I am from team 3546 Buc’n’Gears, we are also in the Hopper Division, and we would love to scout with you!
We also have Google Sheets that we use to scout if that helps in anything, but we don’t have too many people for scouting, and partnering with you would help us a lot.
If you want to communicate outside of CD, I can send you my Discord username or my e-mail.

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Thanks to everyone who responded so far! I think I’ll give it another day or two to see if we get more responses and then we can come up with a more detailed plan. Our system, when fully staffed, uses 8 people at all times, but we can go down to 6 if needed. If any of you are able to confirm that you want to use our scouting system, let me know, and how many people you think you’d be able to provide at a time! We are a medium sized team in the first place, and our FTC team also qualified, so we will be stretched very thin.

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Our team will be at Hopper too!
We’re interested, can you tell me more?

We can talk by any means you want:)

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I absolutely can - are there any specific questions that you have?

@pj_sinclair , @ellanoel26 , @Superdafer , and @snowchildx , would your teams be able to provide a scout for our group?

Like I said above, we would provide the tablets and the scouting interface: https://youtu.be/OpuRjSI8sVg?feature=shared

We have 6 scouts that watch robots and 2 scouts that scout the amp human player, if we can manage to find 8 scouts per shift. We provide 6 comfy scouting chairs for those who scout for us.

We would upload the data a couple times a day - we usually do in real time, but because of logistical constraints at this venue, we will probably upload at lunch, once in the afternoon, and in the evening each day.

We would be able to share some custom charting and an Excel sheet that we and some of our Indiana partners use as a data analysis interface for you. We have some analysis that is focused towards match planning and some focused towards alliance selection. I can send you samples if you want to see them!

If we can find the teams to do this, we usually try to ask that each team cover one scouting position for the entirety of the event (i.e. 3494 could provide 4 scouts who rotate in and out to cover Blue 1).

If you have some other collaboration in mind, let me know!

Hi! Team 157 here. We are also in Hopper and only have 2 maybe 3 scouters coming for our team and would love to collaborate with a team. We currently use Google forms for data submission and then I do a bunch of analysis on the output excel data to provide our team with pre-match strategy sheets, alliance optimization suggestions and other info! I would love to talk to any teams interested that might be able to help us out and would like some access to my analysis! Would love to connect via discord or email. I’ll be reaching out to some of the people who have already posted here as well!

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Hi team 8298 here if yall need help with pit scouting wed be more than willing to help we just use a basic google form linked to spreadsheets

Hi, from 3546 Buc’n’Gears, we have a couple of questions for your team. First, would be if you could send us examples of your spreadsheets during your last events. Also, we would like to know what criteria you use to rank the teams on the spreadsheets; how your data specifies the reason for the team’s rank on the spreadsheets.

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I replied via DM!

@ellanoel26 @snowchildx are your teams still considering scouting with us?

Hi mgstrick,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work together!

Sorry for the delay! We’ve been busy with responses within the past few days (we reached out to some other teams over Chief Delphi as well when divisions were released, because we were kind of desperate for a scouting alliance … It seems we underestimated how fast the alliances would fill up. There is indeed a lot of work at champs!). This was our first time organizing such a scouting effort at champs, and we’ll keep in mind how this works for future years for sure.

We’ve compared a few options for scouting, and we’ve found another option in the meantime. I don’t think we will have enough scouters to fill all the alliances we would like to, unfortunately. I’m sorry to say we won’t be able to work with your team scouting-wise, but we’d love to keep in touch and visit you at champs!

Thank you again for reaching out, and see you in Hopper!



I am the team captan from 9726, we have 5 members and unfortunatly cant asighn a member to scout, but we would like to join the collabiration. Is that posible?
Thanks, Owen.

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If you would like to join us and use our system, let me know! :slightly_smiling_face:

We may still be interested although I am also curious of what the outputs of your system look like. Is the data exportable to excel or csv after collection? I would like to be able to parse it into our system if available. In the meantime I have been diligently pre-scouting our division. Trying to get 3 matches of data per robot from their most recent competitions to at least have a baseline in place for match 1. 105 matches down halfway there… lol

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I’m going to DM you with some more info.

Hi Owen! We can share our data with you. Can I come find you in your pit sometime to talk about it/get you set up?

I will have to cheack with my team, i dont know what they want to do. It would be great though, thanks for offering!