2024 Crescendo MiniBot on swerve


I am currently designing a minibot for 2024 Crescendo! I have made this post to share this journey with others, and to get feedback. I am very bad at CAD, and am using this as an ongoing learning experience and as a potential offseason build with the rest of my team. Lets start with what I want on this robot.

  • Swerve (preferably MAXSwerve because that is what I have access to)
  • Ground intake
  • Ability to score speaker
  • Ability to climb
  • 20x20 or under frame
  • All parts can be easily made with a CNC router and other basic tools
  • The ability to compete in an offseason event

Now what would be nice:

  • Under the bumper intake
  • Amp scoring
  • 15x15 or under frame
  • Articulating shooter arm for multiple scoring positions

And the bells and whistles:

  • Trap
  • Good at defense (no clue how this would work)

The link to the Onshape document is linked, feel free to give suggestions/advice! It is VERY basic at the moment, I started just a few hours ago.

Onshape CAD


Couch cough tadpole

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You should take a look at 624 CRyptonite. Their robot is like a little bit wider than the size of a note

Sturdy bumper mounts + 1-piece bumpers (no cutouts), and a LOT of ballast/added weight in the bottom of the robot (to give some added pushing power and stop you from tipping) should help you out on defense!

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One of our favorite matches from last season, Tadpole flipped early on the cable protector.

At 30 seconds, Robojackets get stuck trying to balance, so our driver comes around, bumps them free, then pushes Tadpole up the ramp, and balances it with time to spare.

Good times (6861 in that match is our sister team too)