2024 FRC Team 180 SPAMalytics Scouting System v1.0

Here is the 2024 release of FRC Team 180’s SPAMalytics Scouting System.

The SPAMalytics Scouting System is offered for teams who want to scout, but don’t have the resources to pull together their own system, yet.

It is easy to set up and run. All you need is to print off one Scouting Sheet for each team in your event and (optionally) one Robot Attributes sheet for each team. We’ve found the printing on Legal (14" x 8-1/2") paper and attaching them to manila folders makes it easier to write on.

You have a choice between using the MS Excel or Google Sheets versions for your data storage and analysis.

Good luck to all teams this year. Let’s all CRANK IT UP TO 11!!!

Link to Google Sheets version

2024_Scouting_Database_v1.0.xls (3.9 MB)
2024_Scouting_Sheet_v1.0.pdf (705.4 KB)
2024_Robot_Attributes_v1.0.pdf (256.0 KB)