2024 Game Idea (General idea)

Game idea: old fashion movie Theater theme.

Game Goal: There are 3 projectors and six movie reels, the goal is to get 2 of the movie reels on to its designated spot on the projector. Once the 2 movie reels are on the projector a sensor will detect it a make the projector project a green check. at the end of the math robots will need to then go to 3 ramps at the wall of the driver station and try to get all 3 robots up there.

Pointing system: each reel put in place= 5 points, Each check= 8 points, at least 2 checks= RP, each robot on top of the ramps= 4 points, all 3 robots on the ramp= RP


Hey! This is a good general design, but I’m confused with how you’ll incorporate the water elements?


I am also concerned. Movie theaters don’t have space for water. We Need Water.


I think I know where this person is going. The reason that the robots need to ascend the ramps at the end of the game is because the field will be flooded at the end of each match

The robots that don’t make it are shorted out :skull: