2046 Robot - Rapid React

Team 2046, “Bear Metal” is excited to be competing this upcoming weekend at the Wilsonville PNW District Event. It’s nice to be coming out of hibernation after not competing since 2019.

Our 2022 Rapid React Robot: Amelia Bearhart

Here’s teaser video of our traversal bar climb.


Great name. Here is our Amelia.


Looking good. Climb looks awesome.

What material is used on your beat-down roller?


How well can that fixed hood make non-fender shots?

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We are currently using custom 3D printed rollers which hold strips of urethane belting. We are a bit concerned with the way G204 is being called, so we may have to move to more traditional compliant wheel if we start drawing penalties.

Our current design does not allow us to make fender shots into the upper hub. The fixed hood is set for distances greater than 8’ from the hub.

Another great bot by you guys. Good luck this weekend at Wilsonville. Look forward to seeing you guys at DCMP.


Wow! What an awesome automated climb. So fast! Which is nothing new for your team. I look forward to seeing you in person on Friday.


How would a compliant wheel work differently than a 3d printed part in terms of penalties for g204. I’m worried about it also given that our intake got smashed several times at Glacier Peak.

Nice looking bot btw


Does this mean y’all’s strategy is to primarily score from against the landing pads?


Another amazing robot from 2046. Y’all always have some mind blowing fast and smooth climbs. I’m so excited to see you play!


Thanks. The 3D printed hubs hold strips of urethane belting which forms a fairly large swath diameter when spinning. Swapping out the belt flaps with smaller rollers would just reduce the overall size of our intake.

We do have the landing pad shot as an option, but that won’t necessarily be our primary shooting location.

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instead of urethane belting, we used poly-belt and adhesive velcro tape. we have now changed to foam discs with velcro tape.

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