2046 robot stolen

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, so sorry if isn’t…

My former team, 2046 bear metal, has had their robot stolen and their pit trailer ransacked after their win at philomath. If anyone sees anything suspicious on the internet that looks like someone trying to get rid of robot bits or tools, do look into it, especially if its in the PNW area. I wish the best of luck to bear metal in finding their robot and/or getting their practice bot ready for competition next weekend. If you want to contact them to help or because you’ve seen something, or whatever, their website is tahomarobotics.org

I heard about the robot being stolen…bummed for Bear Metal. It’s a shame, especially considering the success of the robot at Philomath. :eek:

Best of luck to recovering the missing items!

Post this info along with a picture of the trailer and robot to your Facebook page and I’ll reshare it with my friends out in the PNW. I’m sure others would too.

Here’s hoping for a quick and happy resolution to this.

Hopefully they find everything soon! Glad there’s a practice bot they can use if it’s not found in time. If possible, could you post a picture of at least the robot on CD? It would help to know what it looks like in case it shows up somewhere. What would be the best thing to do should it be found at an event? I would recommend checking eBay, Craigslist, etc. for tools/electronics/the robot itself. A bit off topic, but this got me thinking: How can a practice robot be changed to a competition robot?

Good luck to Bear Metal!

From the Bear Metal facebook:

Important Official Notice

Hear ye, hear ye, all fine inhabitants of the Kingdom of Bear Metal. The time has come to bid adieu to Xcalibear. O’er the past 2 days, 30 teams gathered in the battlegrounds of Philomath, Oregon where Xcalibear endured many rounds of fierce and exhausting competitions. At the end of the feuds, Xcalibear, serving as the gallant leader of the alliance with Apex Robotics and Stormbots, was victorious! Xcalibear was proud of the conquest, capturing the blue Event Winner banner, and looked forward to proudly displaying the banner in the Village of Collins, fondly referred to the “shop.” The physical battle took a toll on Xcalibear, suffering wounds, such as 3 bent axles, a chain derailment, ripped-off pneumatics and minor polycarbonate cracks. The peasants competently repaired the injuries in Philomath, yet Xcalibear was eagerly looking forward to a couple of leisurely days convalescing before preparing for the next battle at Auburn High School, a mere 6 days away.

Unfortunately during Xcalibear’s journey to bring the banner back to the Kingdom of Bear Metal, Xcalibear was snatch in the prime of life in the mean streets of Auburn, Washington. The Bear Metal chariot has been recovered, but location of its contents and of Xcalibear remains a mystery. It is an inexplicable, sad loss, but one that will not hold down the Kingdom of Bear Metal for long!
Sir Bearington, first in line as successor to the Kingdom of Bear Metal, will take over reign and begin official duties Monday March 28, immediately after school. Do not miss the inaugural ceremony and knighthood of Sir Bearington! Fortuitously the blue Event Winner banner was safely entrusted to Lady Alicia at Philamoth, thus the ceremony will also include raising of the banner in the Village of Collins.

Sir Bearington, although not yet attained maturity, has cut his gear teeth in the science of battles by serving as the practice robot of the Kingdom of Bear Metal for a couple months now and has even travelled yonder to the field of Skunkworks. Sir Bearington has the same keen autonomous ability and stealth maneuverability as Xcalibear, yet due to his youth does not display black and yellow bling. The stellar ballista, dependable defense defender and the hardy blue and red bumpers were safely secured within the cavernous Ramig castle and have been bequeathed to Sir Bearington.

May Xcalibear rest in peace and Sir Bearington competently lead the Kingdom of Bear Metal towards technological robotic domination at Worlds!

Wow, this is a huge bummer. Watching you guys battle your way through eliminations in Philomath was incredible. Your bot is easily one of the top 5 in the PNW this year and you guys proved it by winning against some of the best PNW teams at Philomath. It’s a huge loss that your robot was stolen and I hope you can recover.

That is absolutely horrible. I know how much heart and effort goes onto those robots, and I can’t imagine getting one stolen. You might try getting on the news. Good luck searching.

This is the first time I can recall this happening to a PNW team. What a terrible shame. If there’s anything the Flaming Chickens can do to help… parts, CNC time, etc PM me.

Thank you for all the kind words and support. I have never been more proud of the FIRST community. I am told that KOMO 4 news is coming down to our shop tomorrow. This is definitely a huge disappointment especially after the win at Philomath but I have never been more proud of my team. Not only did they battle their way through an incredibly tough elimination bracket having to face both the number 1 & 2 alliances, but I am told their spirits remain high after this theft and they are determined to come back even better.

It is really unfortunate to hear that this happened, after being at the competition all Friday and Saturday and getting to watch your team play. I hope that your robot and tools are found as soon as possible.

Wow, sorry to hear that!

Here are some photos from TBA for reference:

I am extremely sorry to hear that the robot and your other tools got stolen. I really hope that they get recovered.

Beautiful machine! What a tragic loss. I hope whoever stole it learns to program it and ends up getting a finger or three sucked into a belt.

Team 696 would like to offer full CNC mill/lathe/router/plasma support to your team to help you fabricate any replacement parts to reconstruct this machine if you are in need of any assistance. We can have a fast turnaround and ship the parts to you. Please let me know.

oh my goodness that is fantastic. I am so glad to see them taking it in stride

my mom was also talking to a guy from Q13 who might do a report on it as well

Thank you; not sure if they’ll need it (the team is fortunate enough to have 2 CNC mills in the shop), but the fact that ya’ll are willing to offer that up is fantastic

Coming from your team that means a lot! Thank you. Also as Gabe stated we do have two CNC machines but I have told the team about your generous offer.

Wow! Thank you all so much for the support. We will be busy this week building up our practice bot and I am confident we will be able to do this. A local news station is covering this and we are using it as an opportunity to spread the message of FIRST instead of get pity from the public. The only changes that need to be made on our practice bot is gonna be the hubs on our drive train and a more robust pneumatics and electrical. Our shooter and collector were taken off before packing in the trailer so we have those to work with. Code will be tweaked but we can definitely do it. Team 2907 had a majority of their tools stolen from our trailer as well as batteries. Thank you all so much and we hope to see you this weekend with a competitive bot!

Thanks to everyone willing to help us in one of greatest times of need. We know that everything that is happening is a huge potentially crippling blow to our team. However, we will not let this hinder our abilities as a team, we are simply going to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward, it is the best for us and is best for what we need to do right now.
We do have possession of our collect/defense defeater and our shooter from our competition bot and we will have our local news get our story out. Hopefully we will be able to recover whatever we can of Xcalibear. For now, we are going to simply keep going and compete with what we have, Sir Bearington, our practice bot.
It will be a hard road ahead of us and we are going to to take on this challenge headfirst and jump back into competition this weekend at Auburn High, then Portland and ultimately to St. Louis. We plan on doing what we do best and keep on going til the end of the season.
Again, thank you all for lending a kind word or a helping hand. We are grateful for what you all are trying to do for us and we will certainly let you know if we need anything.

That’s awful. Your team has a great attitude and seems to be pushing forward! Since you have a practice robot you may want to ask some local teams with spare withholding weight if they can bring in some items for you. R18 gives a little leeway as long as they give you permission to use things they bring in.

R18 At an Event, Teams may have access to a WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE of FABRICATED ITEMS, not bagged per R15, to be used to repair and/or upgrade their ROBOT. The WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE is a static set of items that shall not exceed 30 lbs. **With permission from another Team, Teams may also have access to FABRICATED ITEMS that are part of that other Team’s WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE to repair and/or upgrade their ROBOT. **The WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE may only be brought into the Venue when the Team initially loads in at the Event. Items made at an Event do not count towards this weight limit.

No offense, but this particular event type (robot missing, presumed scrap) would generally cause R18 enforcement to be “temporarily suspended” for that particular team, as long as HQ was notified. Also, they’ve got an unbag window.

There are protocols in place. They just aren’t usually used because there isn’t much cause to use them.

I am saddened to hear about this loss. My team is relatively small so the best we can offer is our best wishes. My advice would be to file a police report and to try to come back from this stronger. Best of Luck.