2046's Off-season project


Demo of 2046’s prototype chassis for this year. More details on our bio-engineered chassis will follow in the coming months.

Looks good, but what’s the point of showing the video if no one can see your master piece?

Your Robot is a Bear!?!?!?!?!?!
Nice work very impressive

I agree…I mean anyone can put 100lbs of weight on their drive train and push/pull someone across tile :rolleyes:

My biggest question is, what’s bioengineered about your chassis? Recycled composite frame material? That would be pretty spectacular…last night I heard about a company in NJ that takes recycled everyday items and makes composite building materials are stronger than any of its individual components and much less expensive than any alternative.

Eh, we’ve had vaguer teasers on CD before, probably see a few once the season starts. This is the result when the team was impressed with their work and wanted to show it off but our head mentor was hesitant to reveal details early in the game so to speak. We came to a compromise.