205 Foul Points and Could've Done More!

Who needs playoff bonuses when you can get foul bonuses! Several matches at Hub City from what I’ve seen have more points being scored by fouls than by actual gamplay…

What have a majority of these foul points been called for?

Not entirely sure since I’ve been watching the stream and audio is kind of funky. I was told in one of the 624 matches it was for ramming in the retrieval zone.

I’ve also been watching the stream. From what I can tell they’re all tech fouls for contact in the retrieval zone.

I think the 205 points was when a robot died in the protected area for the opposing team, which is like a 5 point foul every x number of seconds or something to that effect.

I expect to see a lot of penalties from contact in the retrevial zone, espically right after auto.

I’ve seen A LOT of fouls being called on pilots reaching outside of the airship to retrieve gears off of the peg. Other than that I’d say touching robots in their retrieval zones.