2052 the fastest FCS?

Team 2052 KnightKrawler just wrapped up the best season in our teams 7 year history by going undefeated in the Minnesota State High School League Robotics Competition and winning it. We tweaked our shooter in the 8 hours we were allowed to work on it and were able to get our Full Court Shooter running to its fullest potential.

Our FCS was able to shoot disks every .6 seconds at over 80% accuracy. Can anyone beat that?

Here’s a video showing one of our matches. We’re in red bumpers on the right and take make 2 cycles then begin to fire. There is a small amount of editing which makes the timing hard to see at the beginning but the bulk of the FCS is in real time. (Oh and with our improved faster shooting we were also able to make 7 cycles and hang in 1 match making 27/28 disks)

It’s definitely impressive. I think it’s about the same speed 67 showed in MSC Finals 1. Keep in mind they had drivetrain problems, so lining up was a little slower.

610 wasn’t always consistent at it, but they had a similar FCS disc throughput and general design strategy.

We’re close, .8 seconds/shot at 80% accuracy.

State tournament was the first time I was able to see your robot in action this year and I must say I was impressed. Your driving/cycling was great and the FCS was very quick.

I am curious, what type of gearbox/motor are you using for the shooter. Looks like a BaneBots 775 but am not sure.

I am also curious about your drivetrain. I know there has been lengthy discussion about mecanum wheels here and I don’t want to get into any of that. I would like to know if you had a shifting transmission because I’m sure I saw you pushing some tank bots around during the tournament. You were also very fast when cycling.

Your strong shooting, use of the mecanum drive, and the skill I saw your driver use to spin out of the way of defenders made me a believer. Congratulations on a job well done!

I would like to add 2468 to the mix here. You would have to contact them for more accurate details, but I saw them in Hub City and Alamo when they had 4 disks in flight at the same time!!!

Got any data to support those claims. :slight_smile:

We also had multiple disks in the air, but yours are moving faster, and they are closer together, so I coincide on that evidence. :slight_smile:

Video up on FB page linked in post.

We hit 85% on 3 points one match at CMP, but the average was closer to 70% so unless you had and alliance partner that could pick up the misses, shooting two’s was quicker as it was easier to line up, and there was nothing left to clutter the field.

That is impressive for such a small robot. Anyone know what wheels they are running on the shooter? I can’t quite tell.

Thanks for the kind words everyone :smiley:
Yes, the shooter wheel, an AndyMark 8" pneumatic AM-0970, is driven by 2 RS775-18 motors through 2 Banebots CIM-U-LATORS.
We have used the same drivetrain, more or less, for the last 3 years. No shifting, CIM for each wheel, direct drive from the AndyMark gearboxes.
We also have had the same main driver for the last 3 years and he really does a stellar job. Nice work Matt! :smiley:
This was KnightKrawler’s most compact robot to date. With the reduced frame perimeter allowances this year and our requirement that the robot had to be able to drive under the pyramids, the team had their work cut out for them.

Can I ask why? (Dislike chains?)

2052 uses mecanums IIRC.

Oh. :o Well that’s a good reason. Sort of buried the lead there!

correct and very effectively if i may add

Only team that I have seen to actually use mecanums well, and have them contribute to the robot. Kudos.

1288 and 1985 at St. Louis regional both used mecanums really well to their advantage.


2052’s robot was very impressive this year. It was very exciting playing with and against them. At Lake Superior, 10,000 Lakes and The Minnesota State Tournament we really enjoyed watching you play, even though at each event we lost to you! By far one of my favorite robots this year and my favorite robot in Minnesota this year. Great job on a fantastic season :slight_smile:

Anybody have video of the mecanum in action? (How’d you do that whole wide open field/invisible to defenders thing in the music video, anyway?) The shooting is rockin’ awesome.

Thanks Everyone!

We have a lot of footage to go through and maybe we’ll make a video that just shows off our mecanum drive. There were definitely times when we pushed robots across the field sideways which doesn’t happen often with mecanum. :yikes: If you go back to around the 2:05 mark in the video you can see 2 of our cycles where we had defense on us and we use our mecanum.

The way we were “invisible” to defenders is that we basically made them have to choose how to play defense on us. If they came close to block our shots we could go around/under the pyramid and were able to get 7 cycles off doing this. If they tried to slow us down with midfield defense we’d unload 20 disks from the feeder station in around 12 seconds by the time they came over to block. Then we’d switch back to cycling. It was also largely strategy on when we would bring out the FCS. Since we were short we knew we needed to be opportunistic. We knew we had that capability but only showed it once in qualifications on a match we felt we had to in order to win. All other matches we won by 60-100 points so there was no need to remind anyone we were a FCS too :cool:

Wow, that’d be great. Cool! :slight_smile: I bet footage of defenders covering the feeder station corridor would highlight some sweet counter-moves, then.

Opportunistic FCS’s are perhaps one of the coolest things to come to FIRST in some years. The speed with which you guys acquire such accuracy is phenomenal.

We just posted a video about our mecanum :slight_smile: Hopefully you like some of our counter-moves. We made it a separate thread as this one was more to see if anyone was faster than our shooter.