2053 Presents: MecaTankanum

Answering the question:

Is anyone crazy enough to use Mecanum wheels this year?

Team 2053 Proudly Presents our 2016 FRC Stronghold Robot:


Full reveal video coming soon. We will be competing at the Pittsburgh and Long Island Regional events this year.

  • Mecanum based robot for field agility and high goal alignment with passively engaged tank system for crossing defenses
  • Fast pneumatic/winch driven scaling mechanism
  • Flywheel-based high goal boulder capable with accurate, repeatable shooting
  • Vision system for teleop and autnomous auto-goal alignment, with driver feedback
  • Intake roller bar for quick field boulder ingestion
  • Multiple adaptable autonomous modes for crossing defense and goal alignment from any starting position
  • Multi-year experienced drive team on Mecanum based drive system, MecaTankanum requires no additional driver workload
  • Full IMU-based field oriented drive system, with auto-alignment to field elements
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Very interesting. Excited to see it up close at SBPLI.

And now Iā€™m really excited for Pittsburgh. Like really really excited to see this in person.

And the link to our Reveal Video:


that thing is a monster!

Nice work!