2053 Robot Reveal

Southern Tier Robotics proudly presents our robot for the 2023 FRC Season.

Features include:

  • MAXSwerve Drivetrain
    • Pose Estimation using odometry and PhotonVision based AprilTag detector for accurate position on the field at all times.
  • 2 Falcon Powered Double Jointed Arm.
  • Neo550 powered roller claw style intake capable of picking up cubes and vertical cones from ground and player station
  • 50 Lbs of weight as ballast to lower the center of mass
  • Pathplanner based autonomous
  • Capable of auto-balancing in autonomous

Here is some footage of our driver practice: IMG_7644. (And yes the rsl light was out we fixed it already) :stuck_out_tongue:

See everyone at FLR and Pittsburgh!



Nice work - it looks qucik - can’t wait to see it on a full field. And great arm movement also…

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