2056's Season

Which was more impressive this year 2056/2200/4001 beating 1114/3161/2634 or 1114/2056/4334 beating 67/2826/4143?

2056/2200/4001 vs. 1114/3161/2634

1114/2056/4334 vs. 67/2826/4143

Neither, 2056 didn’t beat 1114. 2056 was part of an alliance that beat an alliance that 1114 was part of. Same story with the 1114/2056 beating 67/2826.

Well… when an alliance that 2056 was part of beat an alliance that 1114 was part of, it was a pretty exciting match. :rolleyes:

Seriously. Can anything productive or beneficial result from this discussion?

I agree. You can’t just throw out 2 robots (or 1 in the case of 1114/2056 v. 67/2826). Every robot is a key element to each victory, no matter how much or how little they help.

I’d say they were both equally impressive.

You could have a decent discussion on whether it was more exciting to see them play together or head to head.

If we’re having this discussion, then for me, it was hands down watching them play against each other. I’ve never been more giddy for a set of matches.

  • Sunny G.

Agreed. We’ve seen them play on the same alliance so many times, and this year was the first that we’ve seen them play on different alliances.

Watching the Archimedes finals was not something to be forgotten. I still conciser those matches to be even more exciting than the ones on Einstein. The level of play was truly inspirational.

Since 1114 became unresponsive and their alliance partner got turtled in F1-2, I really don’t view GTR as an impressive win for the blue alliance.

I do think M1 of GTR-West was amazing though.

As for this poll, there are 6 other robots not mentioned here…


I can not change the poll answers, but I would like to point out that the alliances that are in the poll are:
1114/2056/4334 vs. 2826/67/4143
2056/2200/4001 vs. 3161/1114/2634

I can’t change what the answers are in the poll, but I would like to acknowledge the full alliances.
3161/1114/2634 vs. 2056/2200/4001
2056/1114/4334 vs. 2826/67/4143

I posted in the GTR West thread already, but all I have to say is that it was nice to see 1114 and 2056 in their respective Red and Blue for the GTR West finals. :smiley:

That, and it was nice to see 2826 be so successful after being somewhat ignored for the majority of the season.

Talking about talking about them is nice, but someone has to actually start talking about them if that’s going to go anywhere (its probably not going to be me though, given that I didn’t see GTR-West or 99% of matches at champs).

So how about 4334 in the “Eh Team” alliance? I’ve got to say, they really are the rookie team of the year in my book. They filled a position perfectly and executed it perfectly to complete the Archimedes winning alliance.

Finals 1 at GTR West with 2056/2200/4001 going up against 1114/3161/2634 was one of the best regional matches I have seen. Having watched 2056 and 1114 pair up at many prior events, this was exciting. Being there in person was an added bonus. However, the lost comms in Finals 2 took away a lot of the excitement.

For that reason, I preferred watching the ‘Eh Team’ of 2056/1114/4334 edge out 67/2826/4143 on Archimedes in 3 exciting matches with all robots performing.

Edit: I had forgotten about 1114 losing comms at the end of Finals 3 on Arch.

Unless I am really not paying attention, it appears the match you link to for Archimedes has 1114 and 2056 losing, not beating, 2826 and 67. (I’m aware of the turnout during eliminations, but is this the match you meant to put up?

I don’t see the problem…:stuck_out_tongue:

(Emphasis mine)

Actually if you catch the Finals 3 match, 1114 actually lost connection (or something of that regard) with about 35 seconds left.

I don’t see what discussion has to gain.