2060 attachment chain availability

DOes anybody know where we can get 2060 attachment chain with K-1 attachments? Been looking around and can’t find it at the normal locations. McMaster Carr grainger etc.

I didn’t have any trouble finding it at McMaster Carr. If you go to the roller chain section, then page forward to the double pitch section (page 1007 of the online catalog) you should find it ok.

I see they have the 2060 chain and K-1 attachment links but I dont see the chain with k-1 attachments already on the chain. Am I missing something?

Why do you require the links to be pre-attached? In general, you need to decide where on the chain you want the links, so you just put them where needed. Unless you want every link to be a K-1?

Ya, thats what we need, K-1 on every link. Off season tank treaded project.

OK, try this link.


if you are going to be experimenting with attachment chain I suggest you read this thread, there are some insights into how it has been used in the past for drive trains.