20DP Gears Wanted Mid-Michigan

Team 5660 had a crazy failure of two gears on our robot drivetrain and are looking to buy replacements locally. We are going to attempt to repair them to get us by but replacement is the end goal. We will be at Troy 2 this weekend or we can pick up anywhere near mid-Michigan Wednesday or Thursday.

(1X) 24T 20DP 1/2" Hex Steel or Aluminum
(1X) 38T 20DP 1/2" Hex Steel or Aluminum

The failure was a bearing ball got kicked up from the carpet of our practice field and imbedded itself in the second stage of our gearbox. It then rode around, brinelling every tooth on both steel gears. The ball came from an external source since all of our sealed bearings still have their shields and feel good. The gearbox is covered from above so it had to come from below.

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just FYI, we had a 4" dia sealed bearing on a swerve module with a displaced seal at one place. When our pit captain took it apart for inspection, we noticed that some balls were missing, but it still functioned fine. So maybe further inspection might be prudent.

I am pretty sure I have the 24T in steel. Let me check the shop tonight to verify and look for the 38T.

I’ll check in our robot crib for you tonight as well. Should have some. We’ll also be at Troy 2 tomorrow night.

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1X Steel 24T gear acquired
2X Aluminum 38T gear acquired

Steel would be preferred but beggars can’t be choosers. Thank you all for looking!

Here is what I have to offer. I have lightly used 24t steel gear currently in our backup gear box. I also have a brand new and a slightly used 34t aluminum gear. I am loading into Macomb tonight at 5:00. It is about half hour from Troy. If you want to send somebody to get them I can have them ready for you.

We should be all set. I miss-typed above, we do have a replacement for both gears. We will probably buy at least one new steel 38T in hopes of qualifying for States next week.

Thank you for the help!

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