2158 TIN CANs knee brace project article

Trough out this year a few of our team members have been working to design a knee brace, and today we were featured in our local news paper!!



This is fantastic, Matt!
Working with Dr. Kravitz, receiving the donation from the Austin Regional Clinic, and working with two students majoring in biomedical engineering at the University of Texas is wonderful, really wonderful. All the best with this and with future endeavors. Rock on, Tin Cans!


Definitely cooler then anything I was able to do in high school. This will be great for interviews in the future. This helps the community and the team. Definitely a situation where everyone wins.


Great work ausTin Cans !

Your team has set a great example of working closely with a nearby university.

A quick update we will be having a full key note at NI week on aug 4th!!!