2169 New Web-Series!

Episode 1

Here is how the web-series will work: A new video will be posted every week on Friday or Saturday and the next week’s theme will be announced at the end of the video. You will get to meet the heads of that department, find out what they do, and why their department is important. You can also ask us a question and we will answer it in the next episode!

To ask a Question:

YOUTUBE: Leave your question as a response to this video for next week’s episode.
TWITTER: Tweet us @FRC2169 using the hashtag ask2169.
FACEBOOK: Leave a post on our wall at FRC Team 2169 KING TeC

NEXT WEEK: Next week’s episode is on our WEBSITE department since we just relaunched our website recently. Go check it out at http://kingtec2169.com/ !