2175 Drivetrain Prototype

In the first week Team 2175 threw together this prototype of a holonomic drive system.

It uses four 6" plastic omni wheels from Andymark we had lying around from 2008. We decided we wanted to favor one direction so we used two CIMs in the CIMple boxes for forward and one CIM in each Toughbox for strafing.

You can watch a video of it at http://qik.com/video/29163485.

And yes there is no battery. It runs off of magic.

Looks like you’ve gotten the coding aspect down - but did I read correctly and you are using 6 Cims? If so, you might want to check the rules as you are only allowed to use 4…

Yes, we only used 6 CIMs because that’s what we had lying around. We are planning on using a single RS 775 for each strafe wheel, which will be significantly less powerful, but we don’t care too much about strafe speed. We are a little nervous about the Banebots stuff though, since the website isn’t providing much support.

The coding is actually just two arcade drives, one for forward back and one for strafing. The control scheme is identical to any FPS, with the left joystick translating and right rotating.

That sounds like a really good design but the rules state you are only allowed to use 4 total CIMs.