2175 Pre-Champs Highlight Reel

Here is a quick highlight video of our 2014 robot, Atlas.

Northern Lights:
1st seed
Regional Winner
Excellence in Engineering
Industrial Safety

North Star:
1st Pick
Creativity Award
Industrial Safety
Woodie Flowers Finalist (Jim Irvine)
Dean’s List Finalist (Ines Siepmann)

Amazing robot! Your intake is so fast, makes it real easy for that 2 ball auto!

Looks good! Looking forward to playing with you in match 8 assuming the schedule holds.

Awesome robot. You have one of the most consistent 2-ball autos I have seen. I look forward to seeing Atlas in person at champs and MSHSL.

Thanks for the kind words. I really hope the schedule holds so we get to play with 195 and 2137. I also can’t wait to play with minutebots at MSHSL.

One more quick video before champs. This one is a animation of our robot CAD.

That animation is unreal! Good luck at champs I’ll be rooting for you guys!

Is it me or is there no audio?

Assuming you are talking about the animation then yes there is no audio. It was mainly made to play in a loop in the pit and so we didnt put any audio in it.

You guys have always had a great robot. One of these days maybe we will finally be on an alliance together instead of opposing each other in the elims. Thanks for all the help you guys have given us over the years. Cant wait to see you guys at state, its going to be a great time!