2175 The Fighting Calculators Present: Atlas


Robot Specs:

6 wheel WCD
4 inch performance wheels with blue nitrile tread
3 CIM Vex Ball Shifters geared for ~6 and ~15 fps

Roller Bar using 6 3.875 green banebots wheels
Pneumatically actuated down
Surgical Tubing counter balance to make the arm “weightless”
Driven by two bag motors in VersaPlanetery 10:1 gearboxes
Intake holds the ball in allowing us to reverse the roller to either pass or score in the low goal

Driven by four springs, two of which can be disengaged to change shot power
Springs pull on andymark performance wheels which transmit the torque through a hex shaft to the shooter arm.
Pulled back by two minicims through a 12.75:1 toughbox
Winch is unwound prior to each shot

Safety Duck:
To keep us safe

We will be competing at Northern Lights and North Star

Good luck to everyone this season!

Looks awesome guys!
I’m curious how you actuated your ground pickup arm. I thought I saw a pair of pneumatic cylinders in what appeared to be some older footage, but I don’t see those on any more. Are there motors below the bumpers we can’t see?
Best of luck to you this year!

Thanks, we actually still use those pneumatic cylinders on either side pushing the arm out.

It is indeed actuated by two 5 inch throw cylinders that are hidden below the bumpers. You can kind of see them here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H1qIbXSpek&t=0m33s

Very nice! Can’t wait to compete with you guys at Northern Lights and North Star regionals!

Sad to see you guys ditched the 3D-printed wheels-- those were very cool last year.

They were indeed, but the main reason for them was because half inch hex bearings were out of stock and we couldnt get cots wheels with 3/8 hex and we wanted to keep part count low