2200 MMRambotics Reveal Video

Better late then never:


Holy crud that gear pickup! how exactly does that work?

After watching it a few times, including in slow mo, my conclusion is “magic”.

Seriously though, that’s a super spiffy mechanism, I dig it. Congrats on a strong performance this weekend!

My guess is it’s similar to 4481.

Quite similar. Except the only active moving part is a roller. I will take some better pictures tonight.

For us the only actuator are the rotors to. The backplate is pushing back using tention in the surgical tubes. Wondering what you guy use to make sure that the gear says in contact with the rollers, can’t wait for the pictures!

I didn’t make it to the shop last night to take pictures, but I’ve uploaded a couple videos of an early prototype.

This video will give you a better idea of how it works.

In this video you can see what we used for our “spring”. A piece of pool noodle is all it took to provide enough force. we later replaced the pool noodle with a bent piece of polycarb.

I mentor 5822, but I wasn’t able to attend Central Illinois.

That is awesome in its simplicity.

Congrats on the World High Score!

Looks like you were influenced by 987 from 2013. Nicely done.