2200's black magic gear mechanism

Inspired by LF’s mention of us in their latest post. I thought I would post a video to a compilation of our gear mechanism in action.


  • Bochek

Really enjoyed playing with you guys in the finials at London. From team 2935 and the “hat guy” :slight_smile:

Do you have any pictures of the intake mechanism?

Your video does a good job of showing the gear placement but doesn’t really display how it intakes the gear and flips it into position.

Sorry, no pictures.

This might help you understand how it works.


Team 4481 has a similar gear intake. When I saw the video posted above of 2200’s, I had to go re-find this video because I thought it was the same robot.


Thanks for this! I finally understand how this one works and seemingly how 4481s works. If only we had time to slap this on our bot.

You might experience some deja vu at McMaster :smiley: