2200's Finished Robot

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We’re done early due to the fact that we’re competing at palmetto week 0.5.

Some specs:

  • Steel chassis construction. Made from 0.027" dual phase high strength low alloy steel. Water jet cut by our sponsor and bent in house.
  • 8x 8" AM Pneumatic wheels
  • Custom 2 speed dog Shifters (WCP Internals) 6.3/13 feet per second free speed.
  • Double roller intake. Pneumatically lifted/lowered. Able to score in low goal with intake up or down.
  • Intake rollers lifts portcullis and lowers cheval de frise.
  • Single stage lifting arm. Rack and pinion driven with automatic pneumatic brake.
  • Able to drive under low bar with intake up.

If you missed my last post, here is a video of our practice bot on its first test. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g68wuLpaFw)

If you have any questions please ask away. I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.

What motor are you using for your scaling?

It’s a 775 pro on a versaplanetary at 100:1 pinion gear is 30t.

How do you guys open the portcullis?

The little green wheels on the intake “roll” up the door. Then the door slides across the top of the robot.

Every year I will obviously see robots that exist in a different dimension than we do, and that’s ok.

However I’ll see a robot that is attainable for a nontrivial number of teams and they, like me, will stand back and say “They did exactly what we should have done. They nailed it.”

Good luck at Palmetto; we will be watching this robot very closely.

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What an awesomely elegant robot! Best wishes on a successful year!


Talk about interesting ways to use existing mechanisms! You may have just saved us many hours of coding my friend…

Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Now if we can only come up with a working autonomous by Thursday we’ll be set!

  1. Gun it
  2. Pray
  3. ???
  4. Profit (or loss :frowning: )