2200's Practice day.


Great work guys, this is an awesome machine.

Very nice, looking forward to seeing you all down here in the Palmetto state!


Nice bot! Don’t tell the low bar haters, let them keep hating.

Sweet robot! This design is spot on in my opinion. Great work!

Very impressive and compact design! Can’t wait to see you guys do well this year

wow! Honestly the best robot I have seen so far. Congratulations!

Thanks everyone, i’ll try and put up some more details later today. because we’re competing at palmetto week 0, we’ve been pushing hard to get ahead this year. the robot in the video is our practice bot. we started building out competition bot yesterday.

I’d love to see how you lock the climber in place so it doesn’t fall. Such a simple design.

No pictures, so here is a screenshot of the cad model.
there is a small pneumaic piston (bimba 021-DNT) that engages a delrin wheel with teeth cut into it, the pistons shaft is supported by a bushing.

Wait that’s just a rack and pinion? :open_mouth:

Thanks! I really like this design.

Yep. Rack from mcmaster carr. Pinnion is a 30t vex pro gear. Driven by a 775 pro at 100:1

Edit: Just realized the cad model shows a bag motor. its actually a 775 pro.