2231 2019 onyxtronix robot cad release

Team 2231 proud to present the 2019 robot cad file on grab cad!

Grabcad link

Chassis: 6x6 pneumatic wheels, WCD with 3 Mini CIM on each side with 1:9.5 gear retio

Cascade elevator motorized by two 775 pro motors with gear ratio of 1:18
Helped by two constant force springs of 7.5kg pulling force.
able to reach all thee heights of the rocket
Reaching the highest level of the rocket within 0.75 seconds

Climbing mechanism:
Reversed elevator motorized by two 775 pro motors with 1:30 gear ratio.
able to climb both lv.2 and lv.3
The mechanism pushing the Robot forward with one bag motor who drives a leaner track with leaner bearings
and stabilize itself when reached the desired level with two pneumatic cylinders.

Cargo mechanism motorized by a 1:7 bag motor.
Insert and pushing out the cargo by using a roller

Hatch panel mechanism works as both intake and installation of the panels.
a clamp who grab the panel from his inner hole when it enters the feeding station and geometry locks itself. Works by one pneumatic cylinder.
The installation of the panel works with two constant springs who releases two tubes that push the panel toward the rocket/cargo ship.

Isreal championship video


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