2265 The FeMaidens - 2009 Robot


23.5" long PVC pipe with “brushes” made from pneumatic tubing

Hopper consists of: 4 27.5 “-44.125” long .125" thick lexan pieces attached
by 1"-1"-.125" aluminum angle.

It can easily hold 60 balls with room for more :slight_smile: .



:eek: :ahh: I don’t think any robot can more balls than yours can. Congrats.

Wow that is a lot balls. 60 Balls takes up a lot of room. Do you think you can score them all?

From the looks of it, they look to play keepaway and feed their human player.

Good luck geys. The robot looks great.

That is pretty much what our robot looks like right now as well. We are changing is a little bit to include a human fed top hopper so we can “power dump” to score as well. We did the math and we figured, that currently, we could hold about 80 balls or so, but we only have 11 so we can’t be entirely sure…

Other then being able to hold onto half the moon rocks, think about how much better teams like this will be in a pushing match!!! With the physics of this game, the more weight you have, the more pound force you will have. If I was guessing, each moon rock propably weighs .5-.75 lbs. That’s at least 30 lbs that they could have on everyone. This might be the ultamate pushing bot this year. Great job!!!

You guys should consider selling your robot to alliance partners as a secondary collector if robots turn out to be the way to score. That’d be awesome to watch a robot like yours charge up a scoring robot like 254. It’s the A-Bomb* all over again!

*The A-Bomb was used to describe one robot reloading another in 2006. It happened once on Einstein, not sure if it happened anywhere else.

Finally a robot that doesn’t try to score. I’ve been waiting to see who finally comes out with a robot that only picks up balls and redistributes them. I honestly think come regional playoff time this kind of robot will be a very valuable 3rd member of an alliance.

Looks good 2265! Good luck this year.

It’s a strategy we used a lot in 08, having another team “feed” us a second ball to hurdle while in the home zone. At one of the regionals we actually picked up the second ball off of 910… it was awesome.

We’re aiming to get most, if not all, of the balls on the field. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone and good luck this year!

Do you guys have any videos of this in action?

Eh…I’ve been looking for the video for the past three days, I forgot where exactly I uploaded it >.< !