2337 hung-2959 suspended

Michigan championships-match80- one bot suspended
congrats 2337 and 2959. It was just a matter of time before 2337 would get the right partner. It looked like 2337 was trying to pull it off in the match just before this one. Now all we need is 6 bots up at states or double suspended.

it was straight up epic, hats off to both teams

And to put the icing on top of the cake, the 5 points for their maneuvers gave them the win in the match!!!

It was amazing. We’ve been trying all competition, but all unforeseen problems end up happening. 201 we lost comms, Army of Sum we got pushed, and finally 2959 to hang with us! Thank you to 2959, we sure hope it made your competition!

awsome awsome awsome glad to be able to see it in person and never heard an event so loud when they suspended of the enginerds awsome job guys

I can only tip off my hat to 2959. What a great, cool lifter, especially since they “hung with us”.

Our whole season, our goal was five or eight points. After over three months, we did it. Time to go for eight points!

But… thanks again 2959. Today was the greatest day of my robotics career so far.

Congratulations 2337, on a very smart design. You made your bars the exact size and shape and height off the ground so any robot that can hang from the tower can hang off of you. There is definitely a potential to get 2 robots suspended.

On top of that, your ball return works also while you are hanging. What a bonus.

Congratulations on the suspension! I think this is only the second time that this has happened so far this season (that I have heard about).

St Louis had a suspended robot.

Anybody have pictures or video yet?

Nobody posted a picture? Here’s what I shot on my phone…


Thank you, that’s just beautiful. :cool:

Definitely amazing work for those teams. As soon as I saw pictures of 2337, I knew what they were trying to provide for would-be hangers. It’s not obvious that ANY hanger could suspend from 2337, but they wouldn’t have to reach the platform height to be suspended. That means that some single strand hangers might not get to slide along the pole(s). That seems to get all their wheels off the mat.

It almost inspires me to try fantasy matchup match-making. 2337 + ??? + ??? versus 469 + ??? + ???. Winning alliance might be the one that scored the most autonomous balls, subsequently starving the rest of the field while they recirculate, pong-style in their own zone.

And a video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obXxvgInsI0

I was in the pits when this happened. We could hear the cheers from the crowd building and we knew something was happening. The cheering kept getting louder and louder and then exploded again. The pits cleared out like a fire alarm had gone off. Everybody ran to the field to see what had just happened. It was a great moment. Congratulations 2337 & 2959!

I just have to say a few things. That. Was. Awesome. I’m so glad that 2337 finally was able to have someone hang off of them successfully. Best of luck for the rest of the competition~

great hangers! the picture/video are works of art

After watching that video, I’d venture to say that 2337 is one of the fastest top bar hangers in the world (if not THE fastest).

I was checking my FRC Spyder app for rankings when I hear a “whack!” Which, of course I just think “oh, Enginerds are up”, and then I hear a second robot and the crowd goes wild. I look up only to have my jaw drop. That was quite possibly the coolest thing at MSC this weekend. I had to take one of your buttons and wear it for the rest of the day immediately after that. It’s a shame that you couldn’t get it to work again during elims, no matter how hard you tried. That would have been a spectacle. Anyway, Congrats 2337 for an excellent design and to 2959 for helping accomplish a rare feat. Bravo.

Eh, their suspension bar deploy is fast, but their lift time from the ground after that is a pretty normal 3 inches / second or so.

As soon as more pictures are posted, I’ll make sure they show up in this post. Currently, however, I’ve still yet to see any pictures other then the one John Crombe has posted (thank you for that picture!).