2338 Presents: Reptar

Here’s 2338’s 2013 robot, Reptar.


Drivetrain- 4 wheel cantilevered tank drive
6" AM preformance wheels
2 speed shifting (AM supershifter) 2 CIM per side, piston shifted
11.8 ft/s, 4.6 ft/s calcualted

30 in wide (full length of bot) collector, driven by BB550
Timing belt elevator driven by BB550

8" pneumatic wheel direct driven by CIM
90 degree curved shooter
4 disk stacking hopper

Passive 10 point climber actuated by 2 pneumatic pistons
(Working on 20 point with practice bot, powered by drive train w/ modified shifter)

And here’s the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B08-xMkisSE

Awesome job 2338! Love the robot, and the name.

I will admit i only clicked because of the name :slight_smile:

Loving the passive climber :cool: