233's catapult bot


lol just had some fun :yikes:

everything first ever stood for… all boiled down into a few pieces of wood and obviously, many sleepless nights. unbelievable. i smell championships… :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

Yay there’s a leak on Pink’s team! :wink:

looks like it launches scoops of ice cream!

mmmmmmmm… flying ice cream!

This robot bears an astounding resemblance to another catapult I’ve seen around. :wink:

Psssh, they can’t be the same. That one isnt even remotely pink! :smiley:

We’re shooting too!!!


Tom, I do believe you can’t use gunpowder as power in this year’s game… Sorry buddy… Also wouldn’t the gunpowder destroy field elements by melting the balls?

our team has already worked out how to adapt civil war era cannons for use with FIRST legal components.
it’s quite simple really, but i’m not sure if i’m supposed ot leak the details

Just use lots and lots of wadding.


lol yeah it only shoots like 3 balls a match i think lol

You guys have done it again!
I love your battery mounts.

them tires look killa :ahh: