234 at the Indy Childrens Museum


I know it hasn’t been that long but I sure miss those faces.

Absolutely awesome. When I was little my parents took to many different science museums in many different states. Indianapolis was one of my favorites, it had the first Cinedome I had seen, and a really cool water clock tower at the entrance. When I moved to Noblesville IN I had a seasonal pass there. I would have loved this setup back then. Go Cyberblue!

Terrific work Cyber Blue!

Sounds like y’all are practicing not getting enough sleep with all your activities this fall! You will be fully ready for the 2008 FRC build season!

I know the feeling!

Have fun at the Indy Childrens Museum!

We are excited about this program and have been working with the Childrens Museum staff for several months to coordinate the program.

We have a trial run next week, and after we see how the game works we will post some detials on the VEX challenge the team created.