236 Techno Ticks: This is What we Drive

Got to love the coffee mug hanging! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats so freaking cool

A little historical note:

This is an Israeli half-track that made it to to the Suez in the 6-Day War!

That’s pretty sick looking

You can still see the hebrew numbering on it =]

i dont get it… although half tracks are cool

Yeah I was going to ask if that was an Israeli half-track since I noticed the hebrew writing, but then I thought: “nahhh… no way…”

then I read the thread… Cool!

was this part of a memorial day event?


Yes, on Memorial Day just about half the town marches; the other half watches.

The Ticks pull a float with that year’s robot…2 years ago we had the robot throw balls with t-shirts!

The half-track is a restoration project by the husband (Bruce Noyes) of one our IT gurus, team mentor and mother of three Ticks, Tammy Noyes.