2363 builds robot bumpers - a video series

Last summer we showed you how to build a west coast style drive train. Now we’ll show you how to make pretty bumpers to protect it in the heat of competition.

Episode 1 - Noodling Around


Episode 2 - That’s a Wrap


Episode 3 - Quick Release Latches


Thanks for those tutorials. We just wrapped a set of bumpers last week…and you all made it look much simpler than what we did.

One question…do you have any tips for the seam you get when you wrap a single peice bumpers that wraps totally around the frame (no cut-out)?

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Thank you for making these videos and sharing them.
I cringed a little when the student had to push her long hair out of the way when using the drill!
Please have long hair tied back for safety :flushed:

Yes. When we’ve done bumpers with no cut-out, we wrap the fabric around and use a sewing machine to sew an inward facing seam. Then fit the band onto the skeleton and check for tightness. You want it quite tight. If it’s too loose, sew a new seam next to the old one to tighten up the fit. For the final placement, put the seam near a corner, but not on the corner. The seam pretty much disappears. Then trim the corners as shown in episode 2 and staple.

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Let’s just say these videos were shot over the course of a 9 hour day and a 6 hour day. There was a lot of off camera instruction and a lot of footage edited out. Generally our more advanced students are deep in the guts of the robots at this point in the season. It’s our newer students who are generally available to make bumpers. Just when they get good at it, they move up to sub-team leadership positions. So we get to train a new crop of bumper builders each year. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your concern. We’re really good about safety glasses, and not quite as good about tying back hair. We’re working on that.

Thank you for posting the videos. Could you share cad drawings for you bumper brackets and details on the hardware.

Thank you again

We don’t normally do drawings, but we release our robot CAD every year. You can find it pretty easily on the Blue Alliance. Just select the year you want to see. Part numbers for the latches are in the description of this video showing how we did the latches last year.